Regression to the Distant Past

Everything was organized so that we would have a pleasant and happy life. However, many people are not content with the living conditions of life they presently have. Mostly, because they do not know what to live really means, and consequently, do not exactly know who they are, from where they came, and to where they are going. That is why everything has become much more difficult, because people are neither worried if they are acting with kindness nor are they worried if they are acting with falsehood and lies.

When people show behavioral abnormality, some recommend that they go in search of the trauma. Nowadays, all mankind shows an anti-natural behavior, thus the whole of mankind should try to make a regression to the distant past, where everything started, to reestablish the right way.

But where could everything have started? In the very first incarnation of the human being: in the motive and the reason why. If it were possible to return, to see in images everything that occurred, then, much would be explained and happiness would be much more easily found by mankind that has become anxious and that is now allowing even the most elementary common-sense disappear, acting irresponsibly, neither giving value to life itself nor to one’s fellow man.

But how does one return to the past? A person forgets where he left his checkbook. Then he remembers he left it in his coat pocket. But where is the coat? Then he starts to remember when he last used the coat, where was it, what did he do, was hot or not, did he take the coat off somewhere. By this he is making an incursion into the recent past to find the coat and the lost checkbook. Is this done just with the memory? Many would say yes; but could a part of one’s intuition try to return to the past?

If we could regress to the distant past, at the time in which the spiritual seed was expelled from the region of its outset, initiating its journey downwards, in the direction of physical matter, due to the impulse of wanting to become conscious! We could observe amidst a shinning, multi-colored cloud, a small semi-conscious seed descend, following its inner impulse, proceeding it defines its tendency, its way of being, one of its first choices being, either a masculine or feminine activity, and so forth it proceeds, until the earthly environment, where it can cover its body with an identical matter in a body vessel, thus bringing about the first incarnation, as one, amongst a series of several indispensable incarnations for its development and maturity, so that one day it may return, strengthened and conscious, to the higher elevated region from where it originated. So, certainly, everything would be much easier to comprehend. Each one would realize where and when he did not properly utilize his time, and he would also realize in what types of threads of destiny he got entangled in, that brought him to his present living conditions.

Evidently, this type of return to the past we can only carry out in our imagination. The Grail Message, written by Abd-ru-shin, explains to the minutest detail the operating of these cogwheels of Creation, however, in order to capture the images described by the author, each one will have to make use of one’s contemplative capacity. It is indispensable that each one puts to use all the faculties that were given through the intuitive feeling and the intellect.

“He who lets others think for him puts himself in their power! He reduces himself to slavery and thus surrenders his freedom! But God gave man the power to decide freely and the ability to think and perceive intuitively, in return for which man must naturally render account of everything brought about by this ability to make free decisions! Thus God wanted free men and not slaves!”

(In The Light of Truth-The Grail Message , Vol. 2, I am the Lord thy God!)

Comprehending life, each one will understand, finally, that the causes of suffering were produced by man themselves, that forgot about their origin and the purpose of their existence, and shall continue roaming aimlessly in a world of asperity that results from a lack of conviction in their way of living, distanced far from the laws of Creation. Thus it is like this that so many people are sad and needy of human warmth, because humans do not appear like they should anymore, they are not acting normally by being cheerful and natural, everything is now calculated through gestures, words and actions. People want to show that they are independent, that they are strong, that they do not need anybody’s help to be successful. This way, everybody feels isolated and disconnected, because his or her ego speaks much louder.

Others allow themselves to be won over by the deceitful alcoholic beverage propaganda in order to banish their sadness and insecurity. According to the political scientist Robert Reynolds, if a hundred people start drinking, 15 will become alcoholics. This guarantees an income for the remainder of their lives to the alcohol industry. The industry does not profit with social drinking, but with addiction. (FSP, 01/30/2005)

In all of Creation humans are the only creatures that produced suffering, as they have not used the capacity of intuitive feeling properly. With their ambition for power and the pretentious desire to know best, they have distanced themselves from the Light and its laws. They have accepted idol cult worshipping chasing off the enteais, the builders of the worlds in the Creative Will of God. Then they accepted a dogmatic religion as an indicator of treacherous paths, not encouraging the natural effort of understanding Creation as the only means of salvation.

Finally, today, they are stimulated to remain accommodated in a state of inertia. They realize that the time has passed. Their childhood and youth have passed, without having given a meaning to their lives. They are prisoners, entangled in their own liana jungle that they built throughout the centuries.

Through their way of acting they have closed off the channels form where the force of the Light descends, and thus they have been separated from the energy that vivifies everything. They have jeopardized themselves, withdrawing ever further more away from aid. Afflicted, tired, and indisposed faces have populated Earth. Their gestures denote sorrow and discouragement, instead of happy faces of the ones that recognized the Creator's laws, thus giving a real meaning to their lives.

Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra