The Scourge of Pornography

What harm you may ask is there in viewing pornography. After all, you may think, it’s my business and I’m not hurting anyone. Let us take a closer look too see if this is true.

I am not going to explain this from a religious aspect even though there may be merit in this but with earthly logic and the Laws in Creation. First let me state that what you think may not be entirely your own. We assume that our thoughts are confidential but on closer examination we will find out that this may not be so. To digress a bit, think about the lightest thing you can think of in this world. You may think a feather or those things that are unseen such as bacteria, radio waves, the different earthly gases, or even sound. But have you ever considered your thoughts? They too are part of this world and are lighter than any of the rest mentioned and can be easily measured by earthly instruments. Just as these other light earthly elements can bring harm or good so also your thoughts can do likewise, either to yourself or to others.

Our thoughts are no different than other elements in Creation in that they have an attracting power. That is to say they will attract other thoughts that are similar or be attracted to thoughts that are similar, whichever is stronger. This happens to everyone’s thoughts even if they are unaware of it. There is an unwritten law in this Creation, which is the Law of Attractions. This Law means that like begets like or the familiar saying “Birds of a feather flock together” You have probably already seen this law at work without being aware of it. Have you ever noticed that people with similar thoughts have a tendency to want to be together? Think of the smokers, the drinkers, gossipers, gamblers and the righteous ones; how they have a tendency to want be together. Think of yourself for a moment for you and I are no different then our fellow men. Note that for every action we do whether to scratch our heads or decide to go to bed, is first preceded by a thought. Does this not make one wonder what influence our thoughts have on our actions, and how any propensity such as pornography can influence our thoughts and surroundings?

What I am trying to explain here is nothing more than the Laws in Creation that most of us are unaware of even thought they permeate our entire worlds. To become aware of these Laws helps one to understand the scourge of pornography and how it drags all of humanity down. This craving can be as bad as the most addicting drugs. The more one is exposed to it the more one needs it until their thoughts, harmonizing with others with the same thoughts, brings one, who may not be in control of their emotions, to physical action. The innocent is then often a prey to this filth, which is hidden cleverly under the guise of personal thoughts and may issue sometimes from the most upright citizens. Those that participate in this pornographic cesspool may be outwardly sturdy but because of their own thought volition are as guilty as those that are weaken and end up acting out their fantasies. How many have been raped, molested, defiled and even murdered just because of this. We should always remember that any deed is always preceded by the thought. Can you now see the havoc that pornography can play on those that are addicted? Their supposedly innocent pornographic thoughts have a devastating under current on our whole society? No one is immuned to the negative effects of this filth.

It is sad to say that most of today’s physicians that treat this addiction do not bother themselves with this world of thoughts and see little connection between thoughts and actions. If they would only concern themselves with it they could be of a greater service to those that are in need of help.

The help to those that are addicted can only come from within themselves. They have to once again come into control of how they think and act; otherwise, like any addiction it will continue to control their destiny. The thoughts that issue from them will determine their future and either have a positive or negative affect on their entire surroundings. It will either be a continuous spiraling downwards or a gradual rising upwards to more noble and dignified environment. To overcome such a powerful addiction one has to make a firm volition to change. They must not be satisfied with nothing less then a complete transformation of their thoughts in these matters. The Creator has given our bodies to us. It is an insult to defile it and even worse to defile others by our personal impure thoughts or actions which has an effect on all concerned. One should learn to see that the human body is a gift from the Creator, which should demand the utmost respect.

All of us should be cognizant of our responsibility in these areas. Anyone of us can be guilty of adding to this cesspool of pornography. Therefore all of us should take note in how we think, how we see the opposite sex, how we dress, and how we speak. High-dignified pure thoughts are the ammunition that disarms pornography. Let’s strive to be part of the army of the high-minded.

Richard Phillips

Notes: Richard Phillips is the New England representative for Grail Foundation of America. He can be reached at Grail Reader Services 207-223-5782 or e-mail at