World Anxiety

The devastation caused by the Tsunami of 26/12/2004 provoked worldwide commotion, leaving mankind disoriented with the event, so much loss of human life, more than 250 thousand deaths at last count, and the destruction of hotels, homes and other constructions. The pronouncement of the United States’ Secretary of State, Colin Powell, gives an adequate measure of this commotion.

"I never saw devastation like this", said Powell in Indonesia.

Banda Aceh, Indonesia - The US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, on Wednesday; even after traveling several days through the areas devastated by the Tsunami, still seemed shocked with the magnitude of the destruction, "I was in a war and have experienced several hurricanes, tornados and other rescue operations, but I have never seen something like this", he said, after taking a 30-minute helicopter ride.

"I can’t bring myself to imagine the horror that these families have experienced, and all the people that heard the noise arriving and had their lives erased by this wave", he said. "The power of the wave to destroy bridges, factories, homes, plantations, everything in its way, it is shocking".

Jeb Bush, the Governor of Florida, who was participating in Powell's visit to the struck areas, appeared shaken with what he saw. "It is heart breaking", he said. (AP/OESP-5/01/05).

The UN General Secretary, Kofi Annan, referring to the catastrophe said that “I have never seen so much destruction…You ask yourself: Where are the people? What happened to them?” (FSP-09/01/2005).

The destruction caused by Asia's Tsunami, the day after Christmas, besides the thousands of corpses, put 5 million people into poverty, without having anything to eat and subject to disease. Now what do the religious leaders have to say? How can they explain to their followers that we are entering the more acute phases of the Universal Judgment, as a preliminary of the great transformations? How to clarify the selection criteria of who stays alive and who dies? How does one understand the purpose of salvation?

The alteration produced in the Earth’s axis, can be a forewarning of shocking facts for humanity, because an alteration of this nature is something extraordinary, it is definitely a fact that does not happen every day. However, it has ended up by being minimized, making people believe it is a commonplace event, instead of, taking advantage of nature’s signal and seriously examining one’s way of living.

On the outset of the 21st century, people are not showing signs of really being satisfied with life. Overwhelming anxiety invades the heart. Alexander the Great was also not satisfied with the life that he was leading, despite his large dominion extending over three continents; power and wealth do not propitiate an increase in one’s happiness, and one’s dissatisfaction ends up by shortening your own life.

Nowadays we live in a world of little hope in the future, this weakens peoples will to live. People are led to believe that there is not much to life other than being born, growing up, working, consuming, and then dying, as if life had no greater meaning. They no longer recognize the Lord’s gifts, thus cannot be happy. Happiness is gratitude. In many cities across the world order and discipline are lacking, the streets are dirty, the gardens and squares are badly cared for. It is the same in many households. It is the existential emptiness, the lack of nobler motivation, complete indifference. But the human must strengthen his will for living, aware that he should once again find the lost path.

Anxiety and fear disturb humans that must now make an effort to apply all their spiritual forces in order to become masters of the situation and resolve them favorably without self-indulgence or sloth.

Natural catastrophes also demonstrate the insignificance and fragility of man and the structures constructed by him that stand before the force of nature. It is plain to see; you just have to open your eyes and see the result of humanity distancing itself from the fulfillment of the laws of Creation.

The Message of the Grail compares life to a huge train station. Each decision is a chosen train that is going to end up in a specific station.

While it does not arrive, there is time to change trains on the stations along the way, that is, through new decisions. Many times Jesus wanted to warn us humans, to which station we were heading towards, in other words, the one in which we find ourselves in at the present moment.

Humans never want to change trains, looking for sunnier stations of peace and harmony. Jesus wanted humans to seek out good stations that brought the Light of the Truth into their lives. Those that should have guided people indicated inadequate trains.

Now it is the Judgment, reciprocity acts severely and the train is very fast heading downhill, consequently the bad stations are arriving at an ever-increasing speed. Where is humanity's train going to stop?

The new millennium has brought the age of the spirit awaking from its inactivity, reaching beyond the limits of physical matter restricted by the thesis that all that cannot be justified by the intellect should be scorned and ridiculed. The spiritual awaking will show how far we are distant from true knowledge. Physical matter that surrounds us is the means, not the true spiritual homeland.

Science should become more comprehensible of God’s gift, Creation, in the attempt to scrutinize the Creator's laws, so that they, by their more profound understanding, can be used more profitably for the well being of humanity. In a nutshell, it is nothing more than submitting oneself to the Divine Will.

Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra