Longevity and Premature Death

If one does not take death seriously,
Life will weigh down upon you with severity.
If you live thinking of death,
Life will not sprout in you
If you pass through life,
Neither forgetting death nor the Hereafter,
Life will pass by, without you feeling its bitterness.

(From the book Lao-Tse, published by the Order of the Grail on Earth.)

Nobody dies on the eve of his death. Each one has his time to go. The humans that had the permission of spending some time on Earth do not perceive that these words lead to a mistake. It is true that we have a certain time period to abandon our perishable body, but through the lack of due care and vigilance we can still further shorten it a lot.

They are many ways humans employ to shorten their stay in their physical bodies. Instead of adequately taking care of the precious body they mistreat it in many different ways.

The body is the most precious thing than we own. We should treat it very carefully by seeking healthy food, adequate rest, and proper movement, through constructive activities by using our intuition and intellect in a balanced way. According to Abdruschin, with the unilateral strengthening of the brain, which is its incorrect process the intellect is always seeking ways of self-deification, thus many bodily faculties are oppressed, faculties that one way or the other would have better evolved, for man's greater advantage; on the other hand there are those whose intellect can only slightly develop, and many disease and illness appear as a result of this, from which humanity, otherwise, would have been saved from. All this results in a constant and considerable abbreviation of earthly life.

The brain is an element of the physical body, while the intuitive feeling belongs to the spirit. The brain is part of the perishable body and it is the opposite with the intuition, as it belongs to the spirit.

But man shortens his life by giving into vices and passions, smoking, drinking in excess and other harmful habits that do not correspond to the healthy needs of the body.

Human life should last at least a hundred years, but when someone manages to reach this age it is considered as an exception. The great majority shorten their lives by constantly living in fear of the inevitable, as the spirit foresees that its life is not being adequately lived to reach its maturity and progress in its evolution; in understanding the true meaning of life and of the automatic working of the laws of Creation. When man adjusts to his role in Creation, many diseases will disappear completely and life will last for a surprisingly long time.

Life is a school. It is a fantastic opportunity for the spirit to be able to live in an environment where both good and bad species coexist, and from this it is able to attain learning by using its free will.

Life is a party; just take a look at the marvels of nature to fulfill it. But, in this roller coaster period that the world is experiencing, people are easily allowing themselves to be overcome by discouragement and weariness, without managing to find a way that leads to living a naturally happy life.

Death on Earth is a natural event. It is the moment in which the spirit returns to the Hereafter, from where it should continue on its journey, where the result of its work awaits it, that is, all that it produced in ethereal matter through its feelings, thoughts and actions whilst on Earth. Of all this some ancient inhabitants of the planet and a clear notion of, and everything proceeded naturally.

Nowadays, with the absence of the true knowledge, there is much incomprehension and everything is wrapped up in much morbidity, using the fear of death as a means of controlling the frightened masses and easily manipulating them. So in order not to become prisoners of fear, knowledge is at our disposition through the hand of Roselis von Sass, in her books published by the Order of the Grail on Earth: “Continuously the mystery of life and death happens. The mystery of transformation and rebirth! … Whoever during life remembers death, will also live in such a manner that he need not fear it! …"

Life is to be loved. Live is good. We have to live life firmly, with dedication, without fear, using our time well, because each day that passes never returns. There are, however, many stimuli for the individual to scorns life itself, as an old Brazilian song goes, “nobody loves me”, and whose verses say: “and today an unbeliever of all, all I have left is weariness, weariness of life, old age arriving and I coming to the end”. That is not just a bad mood speaking, it is a paralyzing poison both for the mind and the body. No matter the age, we have to conserve our health and act constructively every day of our lives, being capricious in whatever we have to do, thus we shall be generating positive though forms that prevent the appearance of depression.

Each day is a new day, a new attitude, a new dedication to seize the day with useful and beneficial activities that favor the conquest of spiritual maturity. Whoever does not do this is wasting his time and anticipates his end.

When a human abbreviates his existence this reflects on his spirit that, with his premature death, he arrives in the Hereafter like a fruit that has fallen of the tree before maturing, and consequently it will need further maturing later.

“Where is the human who knows by how many years an earthly existence is often abbreviated, by some foolish and apparently innocent habit, without mentioning passions or the excesses of sporting ambitions?” This question is asked by Abdruschin in his book; “Answers and Questions”’. Then the author proceeds and concludes:

“Probably half of today's “civilized” humanity, whose spirits, due to all of these uses and abuses will have to abandon the physical body prematurely due to a call from the Hereafter, thus, because of this they will be unable to fulfill their pilgrimage on Earth, if they are really thinking about the fulfillment of a more elevated earthly existence, in the true meaning of the word”.

Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra