The Predators and Tsunami

Predators in the human form are those that always eat the whole pizza by themselves. They judge themselves worthy because they think they are smarter than others. In a short time they leave behind a trail of destruction wherever they pass and always find accomplices that are their plundering allies. They are always ready to plunder whatever has been built by those that took a great deal of effort in dreaming up a better future for humanity.

For Francesco Alberoni, in the book: The Art of Commanding, constructors overwhelmed by their dreams and immense projects always encounter those that create obstacles: “how many people, through simple envy, harass those that have good ideas, jeopardizing them too and thus covet it all for themselves? To meddle, little is needed. Saying no is enough, finding objection, retarding ideas, and delaying decisions. Exercise that special sabotage that all bureaucrats and all employees know very well how to put into action”. Alberoni concludes: To carry out even the most modest objective much courage, energy and desire is necessary. The destroyer does it because his spirit is voracious, arid, empty, and without a noble goal.

Many academics do not even realize the catch. These kinds of people’s spirits have been numbed, clouded by smaller desires. They do not see life as it really is. They amble on through their own ideas that are equal to the nature of these crude human species, where there is neither beauty nor loyalty. They always keep an eye out for an opportunity to take advantage of their neighbor and keep the upper hand.

They consider life and the planet as something made for those smart enough to enjoy it to the fullest. But through their action they instill the poison of ill will and destruction.

The excessive plundering that they carry out by avidly attacking nature, as if the planet had been created exclusively for them, be it metals, precious stones, trees, and animals, in short everything that generates money, but for all the money that they acquire it shall never be sufficient to replace the environmental balance that has been arbitrarily disrupted by them. With indifference they discharge garbage and feces straight into the rivers that eventually go out to sea.

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the Brazilian president, recently speaking about the tragedy that devastated Asia, stated: “This disaster that victimized so many women, men and children is a warning for us, to begin looking with more care at the preservation of the environment and nature. We often scorn it and, every once in a while it revolts. When nature revolts it does not ask for permission. It does not tell us where it is going to happen”.

2005 literally began with a tragic bang. Constantly new victims are being discovered in several countries of the Asiatic region. The Tsunami now is fixed in people’s minds. It is as if it were a warning. For 2005 we need peace and serenity to keep the emotional balance, energy to resist and withstand, and wisdom to solve problems in accordance with the laws of Creation!

Authorities from Sri Lanka are surprised with the fact that the Tsunami has already killed more than 22 thousand people in the country but it has not apparently killed any animals. Giant waves flooded part of the largest wild animal reserve of Sri Lanka, “Yala National Park”. The reserve shelters hundreds of elephants and several leopards. "The curious fact is that we have not found any dead animals", declared, H.D Ratnayake, vice-director of the Department of Wild Life, to Reuters on Wednesday "No elephant died, neither a hare or a rabbit", he added. "I believe that animals can foresee a disaster. They have a sixth sense and know when things are happening." Source: Reuters (29/12/04).

Nature and the environment are in constant movement renewing and conditioning the elements. Natural phenomena are natural, but humans, with their mania of greatness, have lost the capacity to foresee signs, to live in harmony with nature and the entealic beings of nature. Everybody is running around: on the highways, at the airports, in planes. But where are they all going in such a hurry? In life, what is important is peace of spirit, happy action with serenity, and harmonious conviviality. In short, everything so that life can be effectively lived in order to help the human spirit evolve.

Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra