Earthquakes, Seaquakes and the Sun!

The Earth trembles smashing down houses and buildings, winds form violent hurricanes leaving a trail of destruction wherever they pass. Volcanoes expel incandescent lava setting alight everything that lay in their pathway downhill, rivers overflow flooding vast areas, droughts devastate large regions killing of plantations, animal stock, and people…

Wars, urban terrorism, drugs, lies, thefts, vanities, vulgar materialism, agro-toxins, man provoked fires, deforestation, water and air pollution, and un-recycled garbage… By in large these are the human attitudes that affect us all today.

The greater part Earth’s inhabitants do not want to be aware of the extraordinary events taking place all over the planet today, events that are extrapolating normality. They prefer to ignore where all of this is going to end, as they want to avoid the spiritual inconvenience to their physical existence. They cover their eyes and ears to the more serious warnings!

The (United States Geological Survey Site) USGS, an organ of American Government that monitors earthquakes, revealed that between the 20th and 26th of November 2004 no less than 73 earthquakes occurred around the globe, among which two registered a magnitude above 7 (7.1 and 7.2) on the Richter Scale. In this week space, the earthquakes averaged 10 a day. What a shake up! (

On the 26th of December 2004, a seaquake with its epicenter at 160 km off Sumatra island, in Indonesia, and with a magnitude of 8,9 on the Richter Scale, killed more than 20.000 people in Asia alone, all due to the effects of the “Tsunami”. This seismic movement provoked damage and death in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, India, and Sri Lanka, right up to the east coast of Africa. Sri Lanka, registered the largest number of victims. It was the fifth largest in the number of victims registered to date.

Between August and September of 2004, four huge hurricanes caused much death and destruction in the Caribbean and along the southeast coast of the United States. Soon after, several volcanoes returned to activity by expelling fire and brimstone into the atmosphere.

Earth is unbalanced because of the acts carried out by its human inhabitants. There is a consequence to everything that man does, for this is due to the very spiritual nature of man himself. This is not difficult to understand, we just have to observe what happens around us. Every seed planted is well cared for, they produce abundant fruit and all of the same species. Thoughts and attitudes, according to their capacity, will produce corresponding fruit of the generated species. Because of this, the saying: “Keep the focus of your thoughts pure, so that you shall establish peace and be happy”, is the first step to reawaken the spirit: (read: “In The Light of the Truth”, The Grail Message, by Abd-ru-shin, vol. I, essay “The First Step”). And Earth’s imbalance is a consequence of man’s imbalance, as man’s hostile thoughts and attitudes in relation to the Creator and His Laws, to Earth and the remainder of the co-inhabitants of the planet, have caused this.

Earth’s imbalance, provoked by human actions, be they through thought or in predatory attitudes that have already been occurring for millions of years, have gradually changed Earth’s orbit, placing the planet in a position of difficult access to the true spiritual help available to us. Thus, in order for the planet to get back its balance, the elementary forces of nature need to provoke adjustments that shall naturally cause death and destruction. The warnings of these catastrophes are evident, but due to the true spiritual emptiness of the human majority, they are not allowed to penetrate the over-developed brains. The material minded intellect of today is closed to the spirit, opening hand to the opportunity of spiritual development. This process, gradual over millions of years, has reached its height today.

Now, in 21st century the Sun is also different. Research undertaken during the last century showed an increase in solar activity but it was within an range that scientists considered as normal. However nowadays, to the scientists' amazement, the Sun has begun to move out from its range of normal activity. Nature is revolted… This is the conventional wisdom of many regarding the recent happenings on this disturbed planet.

The king-star of the solar system supplies the principal energy material for the sustentation of life: human, animal and vegetable on planet Earth. The orbital distance between Earth and Sun is around 150.000.000 km, and it is this distance that allows life to exist.

Composed of nearly 71% hydrogen, 26,5% Helium and 2,5% of other elements, the Sun has a diameter of 1.390.000 km, whilst the diameter of Earth in only 12.756 km.

The central layer of the Sun, called the Nucleus, has a temperature around 15 million C°, which remains in a dense gaseous state that is sufficient to sustain thermonuclear fusion reactions.

The outer layer is called the Radioactive Envelope and has a temperature of 4 million C°. The Nucleus contains 40% of the solar mass in 10% of its volume, whilst the second layer has 60% of the solar mass in 90% of the volume. The third layer of the sun is the Photosphere, with only 500 km thickness (less than 0.1% of solar diameter) with a temperature of 5.727 C°, from where the light is emitted and the consequent heat that we feel on Earth.

The Nucleus burns hydrogen (1 proton and 1 electron), converting it into Helium for nuclear fusion. Due to the enormous pressure and high temperature, protons and electrons are free to move separately, thus forming solar plasma. Eventually, 4 protons fuse and form 4 hydrogen nuclei in stages, that ends up with the formation of 1 Helium nucleus (2 protons and two neutrons). However, this Helium nucleus contains less mass than the 4 protons that formed it, because the rest of the mass is converted into pure energy. 700 million of tons of Hydrogen per second are converted into Helium, generating 5 million of tons of pure energy. But one Helium nucleus on being hit by an atomic particle divides into two hydrogen nuclei, liberating energy. Thus, the process restarts all over again.

As everything in nature is simple, this process, occurring on a vast scale inside the Nucleus, is the principle of solar brightness. To go from the Nucleus to the Photosphere solar radiation takes 170.000 years, and after this it only takes another 8.3 minutes to reach Earth.

Every second, the sun loses 4.5 million tons of material. If all this matter were used to fill a planet, similar to Earth, it would take 42 million years of solar material loss to do so.

Despite its enormous energy reserves, the sun has begun to give signs that it is already reaching its energy limit in maintaining its balance in the solar system: (read “O Livro do Juízo Finalt”, by Roselis von Sass, chapter. “The Sun is Dying”, Order of Grail on Earth). A great comet endowed, with high spiritual energy and not yet detected physically, is having its affect on Earth and provoking these natural catastrophies destined to rebalance the planet, which is urgent and necessary to maintain the basic conditions of life. This comet approaching Earth, will be very visible for some time and will provoke the last alterations, leading the family of planets to a new Sun and a new accessible orbit for more elevated spiritual help.

During December of 2004, a lesser-known phenomenon has taken center stage. A strange twilight that appears at night in the northern Hemisphere during winter darkness (the Sun is in the southern Hemisphere) is causing concern to the scientific world. The site: "What does it mean", informs that this phenomenon is caused by cosmic ray explosions, even though they were detected about five years ago, its activity has intensified at the year end of 2004. The explosion that took place on 12/01/04, the biggest already registered up to now, caused a thick fog that covered part of China, (222.000 km²), for two days allowing only 10 meters of visibility. Other types of these occurrences at the end of 2004 caused strong hurricane type winds, in Paris, Germany, Russia, England and the United States.

Really, nature is revolting against human predatory attitudes on the planet. After all, we humans are just guests on the planet Earth, who ought to, out of gratitude to the Creator's gifts, respect the Laws of Creation, preserve the environment, live in peace and harmony with his fellow man and the animals, develop our spirits to their highest degree, planting and harvesting what it is useful and balanced for a spiritual and physical existence evermore elevated and evermore conscious.

José Guimarães Duque Filho