Resist with Courage

During our stay on Earth, we humans should be strong and find ways to accomplish our goals with tenacity, for nature has placed everything at our disposal for a dignified existence. However, we should be careful not to jeopardize our fellow man in order to simply satisfy our wishes.

In the terrifying film “Open Water”, directed by Chris Kentis, the characters interpreted by Blanchard Ryan and Daniel Travis, were forgotten out on the open sea. Facing panic, they easily give up in their fight to stay alive in the expectation of eventual help, and they give in without offering any resistance. The public left the movie in indignation with this unnatural procedure, as all that is unnatural is a revolt against the laws of nature, or the Divine laws.

For as difficult as conditions may be, we have to be fighters to the very end, without losing our emotional balance, for to live is to fight, so that we can fulfill the finality of completing the path of spiritual evolution, through the existence in a physical body. However, the human mind disconnected from intuition is easily influenced. Nowadays messages of chaos and defeat predominate, originating from the world of darkness, making people believe that life is bad and death is the relief through which all suffering ends.

This idea is false. It is the duty of humans to seek a more elevated actuation during their earthly existence. If their lives are tough, the blame lies with the humans themselves as they chose not to spiritualize it, transforming it with indifference, into a violent arena. We have to be alive and active in Creation so that we are not dead shadows without perseverance, without a vision of life. In the book “the Art to Command”, Professor Francesco Alberoni, adequately shows the seduction of giving up, in order to put an end to tension. The professor uses a short film by Akira Kurosawa, to describe the importance and need to resist, based on hope. “Some soldiers are taken up in a storm. Weariness takes hold of them, and they are overcome by an irresistible urge to abandon all, by falling asleep. Kurosawa represents the storm as a very beautiful woman, who takes each soldier into her arms, wrapping each one up in warm veils, and placing each one between her breasts and puts them to sleep. Sleep signifies death. But they resist, they gather close together, they keep one another warm and by morning, when the storm ends and the sun appears, they realize that their camp is just a few hundreds meters away.”

When something afflicts us, we cannot allow panic and despair to take hold of us, but we must in fact keep the environment illuminated and free of negative thoughts and feelings. We must examine the situation serenely, avoid dwelling upon obsessive thoughts, so that our intuition can rise up and receive the Force of the Light and the help for the solution. Added to the fact we are living under the irradiations of the Universal Judgment, makes everything much more difficult because negative thoughts and feelings predominate on all sides, overburdening and robbing us of our inner peace. We have to be prepared to resist the purifying storms that slowly approach.

We must always be fighters to achieve our goals and our ideals, always seeking new solutions, as long as we do not cause suffering to those nearby, keeping away from instability, hesitation and indolence. It is through these negative though forms that life has become increasingly more empty and meaningless, because humans are unaware of its significance. People have given up searching, because it was in the search that one developed an individual personality that did not please the mass manipulators that were working for their own interests. We have to be strong to resist and wise to find solutions, in order to escape from the fear that is spreading throughout the world, fear of the uncertain future that awaits us as a result of our human acts carried out, distanced away from the laws of Creation.

Many humans are not able to recognize the actuation of the Divine laws in Creation due to their dullness, superficiality and indolence. For Abdruschin, in the book, Questions and Answers, “such humans eat and drink, just thinking in the obtainment of earthly advantages, but at no moment ask from where this beautiful Creation originated which they belong to, and are maintained by it. They take and use, without wanting to investigate about the Donor”.

There is a solution to everything in life, as long as we know how to walk favorably in the understanding of the laws of Creation. To act against them, through obstinacy or ignorance, has the same result, an inevitable slip that can throw you down into a very deep hole without either light or happiness. For this very reason we should seek for the recognition of the path that elevates us, already once shown by Jesus, and that ended up being lost by humanity.

“There is no one until now that could show, in a visible and clear manner the path to the Supreme Temple of the Grail, to the highest point in Creation, from whence Jesus' Message once came. The path to that Temple that exists in the spirit kingdom as the Temple of the Almighty, where there is only the pure worshiping of God. Is not just imagined figuratively, but exists in its total reality.”

(In The Light of Truth-The Grail Message, by Abdruschin, Vol. 2, lecture: What must a man do to enter the Kingdom of Heaven?)

Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra