Globalization and Schisms

“Nowadays, many of the world’s poorer countries are spending more to pay old loans rather than promoting basic human services. The result is an irreversible decadent cycle of poverty and despair that is becoming evermore accentuated.”

(Jeremy Rifkin, The Economy of Hydrogen, 2002).

In 1995, Mexico was one of the first countries to face the new bout of the debt crisis, experiencing a rigorous program of adjustments. In the film, Man on Fire, we can observe with realism, a scenario of human decadence that is both, material, showing much poverty and brutality, and also spiritual, as the principal cause of the decline of humanness. The film presents a disturbing economic and social reality through a wave of children’s kidnappings in Mexico City, making many of its wealthier citizens hire bodyguards for their children.

John Creasy (Denzel Washington) is a disenchanted former CIA agent, who is taken to Mexico City by his friend Rayburn (Christopher Walken). Jobless, he accepts the proposal of being bodyguard to the very young Pita (Dakota Fanning), the daughter of an industrialist (Marc Anthony).

In its coarsening humanity has stopped living “together”, beginning to live against everything and against all, including against the environment that makes up an important part of which it depends on for its very survival, and for that of its descendants also. Neither, do the churches show a way of salvation or have a solution for the uplifting of mankind. For Laurence Gardner, in his book, Bloodline of the Holy Grail, states, “with the passing of the centuries, a continual governmental and Church conspiracy has prevailed over the Messianic legacy. This tendency increased when Imperial Rome diverted the course of Christianity to serve an alternative ideal, and that continues till the present day.”

Jesus came to bring a Message of peace, orienting humans how they should act in the material sphere, so that all that they did could be of a spiritual nature, thus lasting and beneficial. But mankind formed its own interpretation according to its own conveniences. Thus, many religious schisms arose that last until today. The antagonism between those that defend globalization and those that are against it is just another one of these old split manifestations and disputes for power, as if we were not responsible for the increase in poverty, envy, greed, hatred and fear, in short, for the lack of peace and contentment that permeates life in 21st century. Its through the mistakes of human interpretation, not through Jesus’ Message that has become unknown to humanity, that it only manages to see what is material and transitory, but regardless of this still, does it manage to escape the consequences of its way of acting.

Nowadays, we need to cultivate a good household environment with those who are dear to us, and when we go out we should be ready for some contrariety, facing it with courage and perseverance, without allowing ourselves to be overcome by the inconvenience and rudeness we find along the way. In the street, or at work we have to cultivate harmony for the small things well executed with care, pulling out the harmful roots left behind by unpleasant facts.

In order for human life to have true value, a real desire for something higher for the betterment of the soul is indispensable. For in order for there to be peace and progress humans should build, based upon the ever-living laws of Creation, reuniting physical matter with the nobler spiritual one that were unduly separated as if they belonged to two separate worlds. But everything is interlinked, and human behavior too, that is, through thought, speech mannerisms and action, and the laws of Creation weave as a consequence of them, humanity's destiny.

“Therefore, blessed be the hour in which thoughts of pure love again acquire a predominant place amongst humanity, so thus we form strong centrals of equal species in the world of thought forms, allowing us to receive reinforcements from the more luminous spheres and thus not just allowing strengthening to those that desire well, but also to act slowly, in a purifying manner, over the most darkened enthusiasm.”

(In the Light of the Truth, the Grail Message, by Abdruschin, essay on Thought Forms, Volume 2).

Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra