Deep in the Sea

There is no better place on Earth today to feel nature, far from the human contamination, than deep in the sea, and there is no better way to be there than scuba diving.

Even though the oceans are already polluted by the consequences of the way we people chose to live, it is still the farthest we can get from the infestation of what we call modern way of live.

Once you are down there you can see the expression of nature in one of the most beautiful forms. The colors of the reefs and corals, the ballet of the fishes and other animals and symphony of the silence are incomparable with anything else I have found so far. Each element contributes with the totality of this art work in such a way that compels you to not disturb that environment. We become astonish in how nature can produce such things while we humans create big cities, noise and disharmony.

If you ever get a chance to enjoy that environment, pay attention in how good of a feeling is the lack of human voices. Divers, most of then, use a different language, a set o signals. But I like to think that there is more to it, it is like we don’t need to say much. Most of times a single look at each other and a nodding with the head is enough, after all, the objective down there should be the same for everybody, appreciate what the nature can produce.

Another thing that should not escape our perception is the way that animals move, just like the animals on land they move in a very elegant and balanced way but in the ocean there is an intrinsic lightness added to that, it is like flying but slower. And in the moment you get to that realization you try to be part of that ballet, flying slowly with then.

That is why I like to scuba dive, is not a sport, it is not tourism, it is the access to nature that brings me a little closer to understand the perfection of the creation and gives me the desire to make things here, at the surface, as peaceful and balanced as they are down there.

Nelson Wagner