Luther, a Courageous Man

Today, could Luther have been as daring as he was then in the 15th century to propose changes? According to Fernando Jorge, at that time Luther confronted the most powerful uniting force of western culture, a fact not always remembered by history. Eric Till’s film, Luther, in fact gives us a poor demonstration of how difficult it is to oppose dominant powers.

So, if Luther gave birth to a new and more adequate concept for humans to live by, it is obvious that we have evolved little in these past five centuries. In fact, one could say that the general scenario of man on the planet today is more precarious than ever.

Nevertheless, Luther caused a schism, in the until then hegemonic Roman Church, giving birth to the appearance of many new Protestant religious variants and also permitted the possibility of a new interpretation to the Bible, that until that moment in time was the exclusive prerogative of the Catholic Church.

Besides his courage, Luther showed to be gifted in his profound respect and veneration for the Almighty Creator: “for the Kingdom, the force and the magnificence are Yours, for all eternity!” (See the essay “The Lord’s Prayer”, in The Grail Message). This however, was not enough to prevent incoherencies to arise, contrary to the perfection of the Divine Will that is expressed in the Laws of Creation.

So, if on the one hand he condemned the unprecedented indulgences offered to the credulous indolent, on the other, he admitted that Jesus' sacrificed life as being the salvation and faith alone was sufficient to believe it so, without even delving into the core question of spirituality, or if he did so, his studies ended up being lost by his followers. Because, in order to carry out His mission of bringing the Light of the Truth to us human spirits, Jesus had to subject himself to all the natural laws of Creation, fact ignored by dogmatic conceptions.

On several occasions Jesus repeated the phrase: “what man sows he will have to reap”. When referring to the wheat and the weeds, in a symbolic manner, in his comparisons to human behavior. It is not enough to accept Jesus, it is indispensable to know the real meaning of his teachings, and put them into practice. We cannot simply throw upon Jesus our guilt, for the suffering inflicted upon him was arbitrary and unjust. His wounds did not cure mankind’s sins. Each one must make an effort to wash his own dirty clothes and remit the dark cloak, which he has burdened himself with.

“The sublime nucleus of the Divine Truth was carefully wrapped up in the limited vision of human reasoning, to the point of being truly preserved, however its entire splendor succumbed in man’s eagerness for earthly power and advantages.

Only those who recognize and intuitively feel the spiritual world as really existing and act in an positive manner, manage to find the key to understand the Bible, and only this can make the Word come to life for the reader. For all the rest it shall always remain a closed book with seven seals.”

(In the Light Of Truth – The Grail Message, by Abd-ru-shin, Vol. 2)

Independent of the religion people believe in, or the books they read, not a single act shall go unpunished, owing to the natural dynamics of the Laws of Creation. Today there is great turbulence throughout the world, be in the government, at work, in the family, or in religion.

There is a great fermentation process purifying everything, impelling the harvest of what has been sown. It is the phenomenon of universal transformation that we have so often been warned of, but that rarely examined seriously. It is different to what we have conceived it to be, it has been advancing progressively, and it is being pushed with complete naturalness, amplifying the difficulties and confusion.

The big question that worries all humanity is the salvation of one’s soul or spirit. However, the dominant materialistic conception has resulted in humanity being progressively distanced from the spiritual, resulting in notions of salvation that have lost their meaning, as well as the purpose of one’s earthly existence, in understanding the Lord’s Word.

The whole of Creation transmits the Lord’s Word through the laws of nature, and in its recognition and utilization resides the goal to live beneficially without causing damage and obstacles, even unknowingly. And, in this sense, The Message of the Grail, by Abdruschin, is a faithful Guide for all humans who seek with sincerity.

Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra