The Celtic Legends and the Grail

Could other peoples in ancient times have known about the Holy Grail, prior to Jesus’ coming? What does the word Grail mean?

“The attempt of not just understanding the Grail, but also finding it has already been with us for more than a thousand years and has profoundly penetrated modern man's psyche. The Grail has been introduced in many possible forms from the time of the Middle Ages, and the search for it has captivated the minds of many”. (Simon Cox, in, Cracking the Da Vinci Code).

According to Roselis von Sass, in her book “Atlantis, the start and end of the great tragedy”, the inhabitants of Atlantis were at that time the most spiritually developed humans on Earth. Then, there were neither priests nor temples, and they venerated the Almighty Creator. They carried out their devotions in the outdoors and their altar stones were placed in the midst of beautiful oak forests. They had received the knowledge about “Heliand”, the chalice of life, and later they discovered that, the more evolved spirits of the higher spiritual worlds called it the Holy Grail.

Spiritual knowledge encompasses the know-how about the development of Creation and the laws that govern the evolution of the spiritual germ. It embraces the knowledge of the meaning of life, its origin and its significance.

The Celts and Sumerians were probably the refugee survivors of ancient Atlantis, the lost continent mentioned by the wise man Plato in 400 BC. But Atlantis is very much older than that. Its disappearance took place about ten thousand years ago, submerging into the ocean.

Sumerians settled down in the Mesopotamian region between the rivers of the Tigris and The Euphrates. They kept the spiritual knowledge intact and it become renowned through the wise men of Chaldea. According to Roselis von Sass, their last monumental act would have been the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza, in Egypt.

Certainly the true knowledge of the Celts has been handed down to us from confused and obscure sources, even so, much information has come to us from Celtic legends, although they were considered “pagans”. Their origin seems to have been somewhere in southeastern Germany and from there they migrated to other regions, including the British Isles.

According to Sirona Knight, in the book “Exploring Celtic Druidism, “the chalice represents the magic cauldron, The Grail, the source of life and the well of inspiration”. Therefore it would not be so strange to find, that such knowledge was present at the time of King Arthur, and later removed from circulation by a stronger earthly power, only resurrecting later through the Templars, in a distorted version from its original context.

In the book Arthur, Universe Angus, by Orlando Paes Filho, The Grail is defined as “the symbol of spiritual maturity, directly related to the generous abundant cauldron of the Celts whose food was inexhaustible. Chrétien de Troyes revived the Celtic themes in Parsival, in which the Grail is a vessel with no specified content. For Wolfram Von Eschenbach, The Grail is a stone safe-guarded by the Templar Knights. Starting with Robert de Boron, at the end of the 12th century, The Grail was converted into a religious relic taking on the form of Christ’s Last Supper chalice, it contained His blood gathered at the crucifixion at Mount Calvary, then later it was taken to England by Joseph of Arimateia”.

“Nobody knows what happened to the chalice in which Jesus drank on the night in which He instituted the Lord’s Last Supper”. This is what Erwin Lutzer wrote in his book, “The Da Vinci Deception”.

To him, “legend states that it was given to Joseph of Arimateia, but we cannot be sure of this. What we really know is that, in the 12th century, there were stories about the chalice in circulation, called The Holy Grail, which, it was believed, had magical powers. Such legends, in truth, were based on Celtic superstitions about the chalice as a symbol of the transformation and spiritual renewal”.

In fact, The Grail was and is in nature a purely spiritual concept. Admittedly, there is nothing strange in this, if humans as a consequence of their withdrawal from spiritual knowledge will modify and adapt old knowledge of intuitive people for a material based concept subordinate to the concept of time and space, as it is the only comprehensible way that the intellect can understand something once it has disconnected itself from its intuition.

According to the book, “Jesus, the Love of God”, Publisher: Order of the Grail on Earth, Jesus said to his disciples: ”I shall not return for the Final Judgment, but the Son of Man shall. He shall come down form the heavens as was once predetermined at the beginning of Earth’s existence. He, as I, is the Son of God. At the same time he is also the king of the eternal and supreme temple in heaven, of which I have already spoken to you of. His servants watch over the Chalice of Divine Force, and provide for the overflowing of living waters throughout the Universe at pre-established times, by the Creator, that both vivify and renew it.”

Nothing more will remain hidden by humans that they brought about through either their inability to comprehend, by their ignorance or through their lack of faith. The force of the Light now makes everything belonging to the truth plain to see and through it, brings liberation.

Thus, references about The Holy Grail are arising on all sides. Confused and obscure, nevertheless fulfilling its role of reawakening the necessity to seek, search for knowledge to live with fullness.

The book A Reencounter with the Wise Man – In search of The Holy Grail (Publisher: Marco Zero/Nobel), offers readers a perspective that aims to show the importance of the strengthening of the intuition for the comprehension of the enigmas that humans have created over the years, be it through misunderstanding or even for political convenience, eliminating knowledge that was not of the interest of the ruling classes.

Making an effort in giving sense to your life, the book narrates about the reencounter between a youth and a wise man and his wife, and other guests, seeking explanations on humanity's evolution over the last two millennia of the Christian era, dedicating special attention to the power of femininity. To understand the significance of the coming of Jesus they set out on a journey to the Egypt, of the Pharaohs.

In an attempt to understand the world at the beginning of this century, they conclude that the intolerance and religious fanaticism drove humans away from the Laws of Creation. The book also speaks about the significance of The Holy Grail, the source of life.

While elucidating complex contemporary themes, they acquired a profound vision on the future that waits them, confident that those who really make an effort to recognize the Laws of Creation, will reciprocally manage to clearly recognize the ways that are useful for them, finding peace in their homes and acquiring energy for a cheerful actuation.

The Wise Man is the fictional work of a vigorous and authentic writer-teaching master. The teachings indicated by him come from the book “In the Light of the Truth: The Grail Message”, written by Abd-ru-shin, (Oscar Ernest Bernhardt), from 1923 to 1937. Translated into several tongues the Message does not bring a new religion or church, but offers, with all simplicity, a clear picture of the automatic working of Creation.

Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra