Catastrophes and Emotional Balance

Every day that passes it becomes increasingly more difficult to accept reality, be it on a personal or general level. There are serious backlashes that affect individuals either in ones family life or professional life, provoking bitterness, misunderstanding and lots of suffering. In general it gets even more drastic, as aggression and violent deaths are becoming commonplace. It is getting much more difficult to accept, producing inner conflict, because, on reflection the human realizes that all this disharmony is wrong. Each human has in himself the capacity of understanding that this is not what life should be and that we were not created to live in such an inhuman way. So, where do we pinpoint the mistake?

For many centuries humans have remained disoriented and unaware of which direction to take, as they accepted the manipulation of truth and were unwilling to give themselves the work of analyzing it through their intuition. This way, they are continually receiving truths that others choose to show them, as it is more convenient.

Nowadays human life has transformed itself into a chaotic fight for survival. Facing the present human poverty, what could be done to improve the daily life styles of the different populations? Who still clearly realizes the poverty and sufferings that affects billions of humans? Who seriously investigates the causes beginning with the excessive population that is huddled in urban regions and that augments the migratory flows to the less needy regions?

“Each time larger masses of disinherited and unemployed people on the outskirts of a managerial sector become less and less employable, together with environmental usurpation, is generated an increased state of consternation and human despair.”

(Hugo Penteado, in “Economy, a new approach”, Publisher. Lazuli).

From Porto Prince, in Haiti, the newspaper “Estado de São Paulo” of June, 1 pp. , informs us that mud crackers have become an eating option due to the lack of food: “amid the zinc houses, alleyways and open air sewage, women sell round dough disks, under small sheets, whose ingredients are mud, water and oil. They are exposed to the sun for some hours and then baked. They look like fine crackers.”

Who still seriously looks at the risks of a general conflagration using the most sophisticated technology of mass destruction or of that stemming from an environmental degradation? Hugo Penteado, in his book emphasizes, “In the developing world, the environment and society are being treated with the same disdain as in the rich countries”. For him, if the Americans were producing a GDP of 10 trillion dollars where is Brazil today, we would not be arguing about the necessity of protecting the Amazon, because it would simply not exist anymore.

Tragic happenings portrayed in the film “The Day After Tomorrow” are not very far from becoming reality. The climatic alterations on the planet are clearly visible and are able to provoke overwhelming natural phenomena.

“The carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere is a determinate factor for the elevation of the planet’s average temperature. Global heating will provoke strong alterations in Earth’s climate and reduce the ice layers in the two Polar Regions.

According to a study published this week in Sweden, if the present conditions continue, by the end of this century the Polar Arctic Circle will practically lose all its ice. Elaborated by 250 researchers, over four years, the project, ‘Estimate of the Climatic Impact in the Arctic’, showed that the increase of gas emissions has a much greater effect in this region.

The project brings together the External Affairs ministers of the Scandinavian countries, the United States, Canada and Russia. A defrost on these proportions will increase the sea level of the oceans, besides provoking a spiral of other climatic changes.”

In fact the climatic changes are already on the way. The fear of a rigorous winter has shoot up the price of petroleum that will further pressure the strict guidelines of the world economy.

Humans are frightened, however without the initiative of sincere and exempt examining, the serious problems are provoking the unforeseen events. They are so frightened with the alarming news that they do not have time to realize that the fear pressuring their souls elapses from the inner desire to search for the Light of the Truth, while there is still time to find it.

“It is very unpleasing to know the indignant manner in which humanity over the millennia have pledged themselves to reduce and smash down within them, in a fateful manner, the most precious thing that it owns, yes, the very thing that really makes him a human being, the spirit, in such a way that the earthly human is even ashamed sometimes of talking about spiritual matters, or admitting to a spiritual lifestyle…”

(In the Light of the Truth: The Grail Message, by Abd-ru-shin, lecture: The Primordial Spiritual Planes I).

Mental activity is not spiritual activity and only through the latter is the human able to recognize the knowledge of the laws of Creation, applying them to his life, in family relationships and with fellow neighbors that he could bring balance and nobility to all humanity. But humans have always manipulated the spiritual in function of material interests, placing the spirit aside, which is the very essence that confers upon him the condition of being human. With this the dismissal of the spiritual became inevitable, beginning with the connection with the auxiliary enteais , so well known and respected by ancient peoples, and that were put aside due to the presumptuous and intended sharpness of the intellect. This way, we find ourselves standing in front of a reality, so severe, never seen before at any other time, because humans have withdrawn themselves form their Creator.

In standing before the grotesque scenery in which humans are presently living, of the environmental destruction and serious social crisis, it seems fit to stress Abdruschin’s teachings, they are like a shaft of light in the darkness.

“The poverty, the despair and the extermination are always a reciprocal effect, according to the laws of the Creation, of a wrong doing, this not being finally so difficult to understand, all you have to do is want to! In this lies a simple and clear logic, which later you can hardly believe how it was possible not to realize a similar thing and not stick to it rigidly, in order not only to save yourself all the suffering but even transform it all into happiness.”

(Cited from the same book mentioned above, essay: Primordial Spiritual Spheres II).

Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra