King Arthur’s Deception

Frequently people are led to believe that life is a thing that must not be taken seriously. Either they are pleased with unclear ideas taught by religion, or they allow themselves to be manipulated through a conditioning that is passed on by the media. If you really want to know the truth, it is a luxury that few can dedicate their time to.

What do the people want? What do they with occupy their thoughts with for most of the time? How many times in their lives, do people apply some depth of thought to examine the meaning of life?

Brutishness and rigidity has reduced humanity by half the number of what it should be, as that half is capable of destructive attitudes against the environment, against his fellow man, and against himself.

The complete human should always act with nobility of soul benefiting life. Complete is he that does not only use his intellect, but also puts his heart in motion, that transmits the voice of his spirit.

Mankind has the capacity of free resolution, but the heart should also guide it. However, as it allowed itself to be reduced by half, resolutions are generally taken by the intellect, with its indifference and inability to perceive that life has a more profound significance to that, which it is allowed to perceive.

In the film King Arthur, Clive Owen, shows an Arthur that makes an effort to act with dignity, scorning the mediocre in spirit and respecting the simple, good hearted people. This Arthur could have shown much more about human dignity, a person guided by the human heart centered on spiritual essence and awareness that earthly life is transitory, a small part of the great existence in search of evolution. But, at that time already, it was notorious how humans allowed themselves to be involve by fanaticism and by the sectarianism of the rules invented by they themselves, restricting their horizons, living a low life quality, loosing themselves in material futilities, without lifting their eyes to more elevated heights. Thus Arthur suffered a great deception on perceiving that he served an unjust and libertine Rome, shackled to earthly power, restricted to time and space, closed to the true spiritual heightening, held back from the light through the disfiguration and distortion of the concept of Love, Jesus’ legacy for all humanity.

Arthur gathers his noble cavaliers around the round table, at the center of which there was a reddish colored container. Could it be an image of the Grail? To know this we would have to be true seekers, feeling a sincere desire of wanting to know the truth that rules our human existence.

Seeking to understand the working of Creation, of the Universe, is to seek the comprehension of God’s Will, and only along this path, will we be able to discover who we are, where we originated, and to where we are going. In the origin of life, and of the human spirit, is the perfection of the laws of nature that act uniformly throughout Creation.

Instead of integrating and effectively becoming part of the world in which we live in, Man has become a stranger, neither knowing how to benefit our bodies nor our minds anymore. We do not even know how to feed ourselves properly. We consume harmful drinks and do not want to know how much damage comes from the habit of smoking.

Nowadays there is an abyss between the performance of Man and the comprehension of the work of God in Creation. Withdrawn from our essence, we humans are losing the capacity of finding lasting solutions for the problems we ourselves have made, and that now threaten our very survival. The devastated nature shows just how much we are distant from our earthly paradise. The climatic alterations, the low life quality, the immense poverty regions and the polluted rivers and seas, are testimony of the hell produced by us. Instead of flowery gardens, we produce a lot of garbage and an infernal life style that exhausts both our physical and emotional energies.

“Today, however, we are finally close to the hour in which the next great period in Creation will arise, that shall belong to unconditional progress, and will bring what the first period of the incarnate human spirit should have already brought: the birth of the fully spiritualized human! The human that will act favoring and ennobling all of Creation in physical matter, as is the true purpose of Man on Earth.”

(In the Light of the Truth: The Grail Message, by Abd-ru-shin, lecture: The Creation of Man).

Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra