Da Vinci, The Decoding

The books “The Da Vinci Code”, by Dan Brown and “Breaking the Da Vinci Code”, by Darrel L. Bock, with their meticulous research, are polarizing the attention of scholars through the doubts that they raise. Nevertheless, the incomprehension about the coming of Jesus remains, till today. We shall neither find the true reality in Da Vinci's Code, nor in disassembling it, as both books are structured on purely intellectual bases that always incline towards influence and earthly power. Intellectual humans do not like losing influence to the masses.

But the codes are not based on the laws of Creation; therefore they neither contain logic nor coherence. The gaps are inevitable. Citing them does not offer much difficulty for the intellect. What is in fact difficult is presenting the reality of the facts in all their dimensions. All the pageantry of the facts and the accompanying personalities are placed a great distance away from the spiritual reality of life.

Humans are always fighting to maintain rules established by the intellect, and those that are more convenient to them. But there has been a schism amongst humans. This way, each group fiercely defends their own guidelines finding them more adequate than those of the other.

On bringing the discussion of spiritual happenings to the intellectual material sphere, the confusion only tends to increase, reducing the possibility of comprehension of all that lies outside of gross matter.

The basic thing to do would be research the meaning of life: Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going? And in this context examine why was Jesus' coming necessary. That is the minimum that a human should do. Seek the truth with tenacity, without getting stuck in the small, routine facts that involve earthly life, that is, the temporary existence in the body of flesh and blood.

Abd-ru-shin, author of the book “In The Light of Truth - The Grail Message”, wrote, “There shall now be Light here on earth”. And he also wrote, “The time has arrived when everything unhealthy, invented by the human brain will be swept out of Creation.” According to the author, it is all too easy for humans to believe the unbelievable; for then you need not trouble to think and examine for yourselves. Just because it cannot stand up to any test that is in accordance with the Divine Laws of Nature, you simple have to believe, without questioning the why or wherefore; you have to believe blindly, and this you imagine to be great!”. (Lecture: The Star of Bethlehem).

However, everything should be examined according to the natural Divine Laws. Only the lack of a lucid intellect accepts incredible things that do not agree with natural laws, be it the birth of an earthly body, or be it, its decomposition.

For a long time already the humans have placed themselves against the Will of God that is expressed in the natural laws of Creation. Withdrawing from the Light, withdrawing themselves from joy and happiness, and only producing suffering, poverty and destruction.

This was how idolatry and suffocation of the spirit spread throughout the Earth, culminating in the colossal spiritual decadence of the Egyptian pharaohs.

The teachings of Moses marked the beginning of a new cycle of spiritual progress that would culminate with the arrival of the Son of God. Born human, only his earthly body was he the same as the rest of the other humans, and therefore subject to the same natural laws. However, in his essence there was no similarity at all.

But the Message originating from the Light, through Jesus, did not find echo amongst the humans whose souls were sealed by the restrictions of the intellect and ending up dead. Again the darkness extended over all humanity.

So, now we stand around arguing whether Jesus was married or had sons or not, these are mere conjectures that do not bring anything enlightening for what really matters, nevertheless they disturb the religions. The same way the film “The Body” did, when the discovery of a tomb in Jerusalem, in which an archaeologist finds a skeleton and according to the evidence, was crucified at that time in which Pontius Pilot was the Roman governor. A deeper study makes the researcher believe that this could be the body of Jesus Christ.

All this is very good for book commerce, but it does not delve deep into the essence of the teachings that Jesus brought for the well-being of man; not with intention of creating and developing churches and earthly religions, arising from the moulds employed by scribes and Pharisees so many times combated by Him for misusing the temples, and focusing on influence and power over the masses. Focusing on these faults pointed out is comprehensible and it is plausible that they provoke inquietude and doubt, as well as, according to Abdruschin, the representatives of the earthly religion are not in line with the legitimate doctrine introduced by Jesus, the bearer of the Truth, as they do not fit into their organizations.

Of Jesus' original Message, which in its essence was an explanation of the working of Creation and its laws, little has remained, as He did not leave anything written in His name. And, only many years later the first annotations began to appear, written from memory or through someone’s personal reports from having heard what someone said, of which were adapted according to the human restrictions of comprehension concerning subjects of the spiritual topics. This is the true decoding that is lacking.

Dan Brown exaggerates in his fictional historical-religious novel, managing to withdraw from the truth with respect to the facts. Darrel Bock rebuts firmly: “We show what there is behind Da Vinci's Code, and the secret code from the Gnostic scriptures which refer to the mega-code. Da Vinci's Code is not a mere fictional masterpiece disguised with half-truths. The book reflects an effort to represent and, in some cases rewrite the story, with the selective use of old evidence that ironically point to a denial of the old story. It further reflects an effort to redefine one of the more important cultural forces at the base of the western civilization: the Christian faith… It is a virtual reality.”

However, in his conclusion, Dan Brown stresses what really is essential for this generation, if it really wants to find the meaning of life: the search for the Holy Grail, the need to transmit this urgency is why Mary Magdalene dedicated her life so fervently.

Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra