Deaths, Confusion and Misunderstandings

Here we are amidst all kinds of disgusting and catastrophic happenings, and we can’t deny they where brought about by human mistakes.

Furthermore, there is abuse in the sensationalistic way human tragedies are brought to public light by the media, mainly because nobody is looking for, or indicating the reasons, why these tragedies are occurring everywhere. In doing this, the media bring their fellow human beings to the conclusion that life is about suffering and that nobody can do anything about it; that one should accept the idea that God created human beings just to suffer.

But that is not the truth. As stated in The Grail Message, by Abd-ru-shin: “God does not will that His people should suffer! He wills only joy, love and happiness! The way within the Light cannot be otherwise! The way towards the Light has stones only if man first places them there!” (In the Light of Truth, The Grail Message, Volume II, Lecture 66).

All the disgraceful happenings and tragedies were brought about by human beings themselves, through their wrong ways of living and now the media uses them unscrupulously to exhaustion. As in the media, so also in movies and plays, where graves and coffins are showed indiscriminately and graphically; images that penetrate the unconscious part of the human mind, spreading there the virus of fear, as in the movie “The Day of the Dead ” and so many others. They show exclusively human tragedies which lead to hopelessness, the idea that nothing can be changed, that life has become a nightmare.

When we watch a movie or read a book, we should feel enjoyment, enrichment of our being, or it can’t be called entertaining.

What is missing is the desire to analyze or to do the necessary examination of the causes and reasons for so many tragedies. Today there tragedies because human beings built them up by separating themselves from the spiritual purpose of life. , This has resulted, among other things, in misunderstandings about death including the dath of Jesus, which has generally not been explained correctly.

Jesus came to the world to bring God’s Light (His Word). He didn’t come to be tortured and killed by earthmen; that happened only because the longing for the Light was lacking among human beings, and because of the egotism and vanity of the religious class.

Now, after making so many movies exploiting human tragedies Americans are experiencing their own real nightmares, with the awful exhibition through TV, of the coffins of the bodies of real dead soldiers. This way, the nightmares, which before were just in movies, now are being transferred to real life.

Individuals and whole countries have become insecure; the feeling that something bad can happen anywhere, anytime, is spreading around. People are tormented by the thought forms produced by the lack of selfless love, and by the ignorance of the Laws in Creation. Personal relationships lack harmony and, sometimes, become uncomfortable and embarrassing. People see each other as enemies, someone who needs to be overcome, if a personal goal is to be achieved. These and lots of other things have to be changed for the better. But before that we have to taste from the harvest determined by the kinds of seeds we’ve sown. Different kinds of seeds must be planted to yield a different kind of harvest and, for sure, the necessary change will take time.

Lots of people feel inside themselves that everything has become difficult and complex, and that changes must be made, they want to plan for the future. And the human being is really capable of transforming, changing the world around himself/herself. The ability to change is a characteristic of every individual human being, and the change is set in motion by the way the human spirit attunes itself with or goes against the Laws in Creation. That means it can promote welfare or tragedy.

Trying to force changes by violent actions will just make the situation worse.

The future is not pre- determined. It depends on human actions which set in motion the Laws of Creation; Laws that express the Perfection of God , a Perfection which ensures strictly just consequences.

Changes are needed but they must come about naturally as consequences of human actions (good deeds). Sometimes, changes come (in conformity with the working of the Laws of Creation) as an uncontrollable explosion needed to bring back the natural conditions to support life on Earth.

The biggest obstacle to happiness for the human being is the lack of selfless love. People are losing the ability to love and to dream about the future, mainly because of continuous discontentment and spiritual indolence.

They don’t know anymore how to get closer to the Divine Love, because they, voluntarily, separated themselves from it, by keeping distance from Purity. So, now, everything is rough, without a heart.

Humankind needs to rescue childlikeness and rescue the knowledge about how to go back to the Father, like a child, through the power of prayer, which is only possible by the way of intuition.

Acting this way they could find more luminous paths, they would leave behind the darkness of error; they could achieve peace and joy.

Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra