The Tragic Flaw of The Kings

by Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra

Throughout most of the continents, Kings no longer fulfilled their mission of reigning adequately and leading their people toward human refinement. So that one could live in consonance with the Laws of the Creation, there was a life filled with joyful activities and the will to embellish everything. But this was all being forgotten. Thus, spiritual decadence spread throughout almost all kingdoms.

Eagerness for success possessed Kings and advisers. All of them wanted to "glow" and be the "top of the crop." Overwhelmed by their pseudo magnitude, they had forgotten that they too were temporary guests upon this wonderful Planet. They lusted for power and desired to reign over everything and everyone.

Instead of serving the Almighty Creator, they served themselves and their corrupt vanity. Many of them began to hallucinate and came to believe that they were semi-gods who ruled before their indolent people and were accepted in good faith. These people became extremely self-indulgent and, with time, they no longer wanted to make an effort to stride up the Way that leads to the Luminous Heights.

The Sumerians, for instance, had Kings who honored the Will of the Creator of All Worlds, but they vanished from the face of the Earth soon after they had reached spiritual evolution. However, many other nations succumbed to the luring of the Dark Side. Among these were the Egyptians, followed by the Greeks, and then the Romans. Nevertheless, there once lived a good and kind Pharaoh in Egypt by the name of Akhenaton. He and his daughter Nefertiti sought for The One and Only God. They successfully managed to teach their knowledge about God to the people of Egypt so that they would be able to spiritually evolve. However, idolatrous priests in the country conspired against Akhenaton.

Pharaoh Akhenaton was brutally murdered, and all the evidence and traces of his spiritual teachings, as well as those of his lovely daughter, were erased. In times to come, all that had been lost could have provided a more clear explanation of the Laws of God to future generations. At present, with regard to this issue, there are only absurd and illogical suppositions that have been accepted by the spiritual idleness that humanity today has widely embraced. Yet, many may ask, "by whom was Akhenaton killed?" For the astonishing answer to this question, the reader may look up the book "Past Eras Awaken ? Volume Three".

The Forerunner

Moses was chosen to be sent to the Hebrews, so that he could free them and prepare them for their mission ? that of becoming a role model for other nations regarding spiritual evolution. Further ahead, the Messiah would come to bring the Light of the Divine Teachings that hold the unfolding of Laws of Creation, better known as the Divine Will.

Moses did not want to bear the title of "king" and neither did his successor. A theocracy was established. Its grounds were the Teachings found in the Ark of the Alliance where the Ten Commandments carved in stone had been placed. This theocracy was to be perfected through the progressive development of the people and was to become an exemplary way of life for the other nations that faced continuous decay as they became more and more attached to idolatry and mystic cults.

The Laws of Creation should have always been placed as the stepping stone - the benchmark for all human activity. They should have been researched with the core of one's soul because They always expressed the Divine Will and, therefore, could have only provided peace and progress throughout the Land.

Here is a quote from Richard D. Phillips's book, edited by United Press, under the title The Heart of an Executive. This quotation clearly shows how Man still used to consider following the Will of the Creator:

"When the elders, who only believed in earthly issues, approached Samuel and his faith in God, they met head-on. They proclaimed ? ?We have been observing the nations around us and want to do what they do.?

Internal disputes and the increase of external pressure led the people to plead for Samuel to nominate a King for Israel. Samuel resisted in responding to such a request and asked for Divine guidance in order to act righteously.

"This whole political uproar most likely convinced them that they needed the strong leadership of a King, and reluctantly, Samuel appointed Saul, originally from the Benjamin tribe, as the first King of Israel." (From the book Jerusalem, by Karen Armstrong, edited by Cia das Letras).


Israel should have been the model nation for the world. Instead, it did the opposite — it took the world as its model. Saul lost his life in combat without ever having achieved the peace he had so much longed for. His successor, King David, was involved in many fights, but, in his own way, he led his people toward monotheism. However, this did not occur in Solomon?s reign, who was King David's successor.

Here is another passage from Karen Armstrong?s work, the source of which has already been mentioned above: "However, Solomon turned out to be a deception… the Israelites had become authentic monotheists; they had begun to believe that Jehovah was the only God and that all the others gods were a fake. Nevertheless, Solomon and his subjects had not yet taken part in such a belief."

Solomon also wanted to rule over the idols (the false gods) and built temples for them. Biltis, also known as Bilitis, the Queen of Sheba, who was aware of Solomon?s intentions, planned her historical trip in order to warn the King, for he had not yet carried out his spiritually elevated mission in a suitable manner.

When she arrived and met with Salomon, the Queen of Sheba was categorical.

With her determination and resolute mind, the Queen of Sheba faced the priests who had let themselves be led by evilness and allowed lies to be brought inside the temples.

With her pompous royal caravan, the Queen of Sheba entered Jerusalem carrying a great amount of gold that had been destined to the Temple of the Almighty. Despite Bathsheba?s impertinence against the Queen and her fear of losing her influence of super-mother over Solomon to that ?haughty and independent foreigner?, the Queen of Sheba brought with her a very serious message for Solomon.

Furthermore, without any excuses, Biltis went straight to the point and exhorted Solomon not to neglect his own people. She alerted him that he was supposed to prepare his nation for the coming of God's Envoy who, according to the prophecies, would be born in that land:

"(?) You must awaken within the human souls the desire to grow worthy of serving Him! In order for that to happen, their belief will have to be pure! The cults you allow in your country darken the pure Faith and separate the human beings from their Luminous Homeland!

"To bring out the matter of the coming of God?s Envoy today is not going to help much," Solomon said.

"You are wrong, Solomon! The knowledge concerning the Son of God and the desire to serve Him continues to live within the people?s souls, even after their earthly death! Moreover, that knowledge and desire to serve will awake within their new earthly bodies when they come and reincarnate again on Earth, probably at the time the Envoy of God is expected. They shall immediately recognize Him and they will be thankful for the opportunity to serve Him."

The meeting with the Queen of Sheba was the greatest turning point in King Solomon's life. He should have changed his route from his own free will and should have abandoned sensuality and the degrading acts, which were his habit. But Solomon did not let go of these vices and, therefore, he failed spiritually. He allowed the pure belief to be contaminated with the disastrous degeneration and lasciviousness that derived from the cult of Baal. This base worship promoted sexual aberrations as a source of happiness, and cunning, as the means of maintaining power.

Solomon did not prepare his people as he was supposed to. Instead, he encouraged depravity and orgies in the festivities of the cults, which included bloody rituals of animal sacrifices.

Even materially speaking, he failed, since he discontinued the management of his properties accordingly. He became indebted on account of his pursuit of luxuries and orgies and thereby inflicted poverty upon his people.

If Solomon had been faithful to his mission, humanity would have been led to less gloomy paths and a great proportion of the people would have been able to naturally recognize the Messiah. Rivalries and confrontations would probably have never come about.

The Three Kings

One of the remaining most clamorous failures was the one of the three kings who were guided to meet Jesus, the newly born baby in Bethlehem: Balthazar, Casper and Melchior. With their power and wealth, they were expected to offer the Bearer of the Truth all the necessary support and assistance He would need in order to secure His great Mission on Earth. This was the reason for which they had come to Earth. However, they merely offered their gifts and abandoned the Emissary of the Light without this support to step onto the world.

When Jesus set off on His mission, most human beings no longer had the yearning within for the Light of the Truth.

"Neither did He (Jesus) mean the Living Word alone therewith, but Jesus always spoke out of the Primordial Wisdom, and This He never compressed into earthly thinking or condition. When He spoke he depicted man standing in Creation, and He chose His words in an all-embracing manner!

All reproductions, translations and interpretation, however, suffer from the neglect to think of this! They were always intermingled with, and carried out by earthly, petty human thinking and thus distorted and misrepresented. Furthermore, where there was a lack of understanding, their own ideas were added. This could have never answered the purpose, however good the intention!(Passage from the book "In the Light of Truth, by Abdruschin. Lecture: "Ask, and It Shall Be Given Unto You!")

Thus, from one misunderstanding to another, human beings have shown to fail to live in peace with one another. Incomprehension has burst flagrantly along the unfolding of the millennia. Violence, wars, poverty, and environmental destruction are taking place worldwide. Most people today are overburdened with puzzling matters and problems that swipe away every possibility of feeling the joy for living. Generally speaking, all governments also face serious crises in all nations.

The scenario in which Man lives nowadays is one of total confusion caused by the sophisms of his reasoning. Only a clear explanation can grant a distinct view of things, and therefore a way out of chaos. For only the serious seeker will be able to find the way to the Light of the Truth. Because of the Law of Reciprocal Action and the faithful accomplishment of his/her duties according to the Laws of Creation, humankind will, once again, reach everything that is necessary to evolve in peace and harmony.