The Mysterious Intuition

by Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra

The word intuition is understood in different ways by different people. For some, it is fast discernment - an immediate and clear perception. For others, it is the capacity to foresee happenings or discover ways that lead to the solution of difficult problems. Therefore, where and how does the intuition originate? What is its meaning?

It is in The Grail Message, written by Abdruschin, that everyone can find more complete and detailed explanations: “In these perverted days many a farm labourer is more spiritually awake and thus more valuable in Creation than a scholar who has entirely lost his pure intuitive perception. It has really a deep meaning when people talk of dry intellectual work or of dry scholarship. How often does the simplest person hit unswervingly on the right thing with an expression of the intuitive perception? The expression “dry” means “without life”, thus dead! There is no life in it! And the saying carries truth within it!”

The schools teach many subjects that are extensive and dull, with few concerns to natural reality. Since early times, children have had their minds filled with abstract theories, created, in general, by the human brain. Children should learn to perceive the relationship between nature and its wonders, such as majestic forests; clean rivers; oceans and mountains; and the great happiness that prevails in its flora and fauna through variety of species.

The ways of communication also pressure the minds with elaborated information in such a way that it penetrates deep inside with negative and destructible forms. Video games and clips also have a brutalizing effect on children’s sensibility. All of this overloads their minds. Sometimes one’s own vanity makes a person complicate things to make them more valuable, instead of seeking for the firmness found in that which is simple. Because of this, the intuition has continued to diminish from one generation to the next.

Many researchers are realizing the brain searches frenetically to comprehend everything. This is leading to mental congestion and therefore, blocking the decision capacity because human beings are losing their ability to distinguish, with the intuition, in the right way. Overloaded and insecure, they are surrounding their problems and analyzing everything. In their hesitation, they have lost their intuition, even for the simplest of things.

The intuition has become a mystery, an unknown thing because of the distance human beings have applied to themselves. They have put it aside and become attached exclusively to the reasoning, when, in actuality, reasoning and intuition should work together. Therefore, what is intuition? Where does it come from?

Abdruschin wrote: “Every intuitive perception that a person has immediately forms a picture. In the formation of this picture the small brain or cerebellum participates as the bridge across which the soul should control the body. It is that part of the brain through which you receive our dreams. It is in turn connected with the frontal brain or cerebrum, through the activity of which thoughts are generated that are more closely tied to space and time and which eventually constitute the intellect.

Now pay close attention to the process! You will then be able clearly to distinguish when the intuition speaks to you through the spirit, or when feeling addressees you through the intellect!”

Sometimes people who have not let the intellect prevail, and therefore still keep the intuitive capacity, foresee ideas so strong that they show firmness and conviction when talking, that others may see this as daring or impertinent, because their words penetrate deep, beyond any limitation, going to the center of the problem without delays.

Nevertheless, these people have always found full resistance from those whose intellect is predominant. They are the ones who feel offended because they cannot perceive not only mental agility, but also the intuitive capacity lost by them, the one which would allow them to foresee things. That is why they cannot comprehend with the same velocity, trying to create difficulties with their scorn, instead of giving their support and recognition. The suspicion makes united mutual efforts impossible, but in the near future, human beings will finally reach actual progress, because only the balance between intuition and intellect will compel them to act.