Friendly Words

by J. Nivaldo Alvarez

These words are for YOU.

For YOU whom I meet everyday, in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, on the street, on the bus, in the café, in the restaurant, on the elevator, in the factory, in the office… on the Internet. For YOU, whom I see daily.

YOU see me and wish to talk to me, because YOU feel something is empty in your life, and YOU know I can teach YOU a way to fulfill this emptiness.

YOU have, inside, a small spark that can transform into a bright flame and take all the darkness around you away. YOU know that I can teach YOU how to get this grace.

Because of this, whenever YOU see me YOU wish to ask me how to do this. It is your intuition, which for fractions of a second can transmit to YOU this feeling. Soon after, however, the domineering intellect appears and YOU, then, leave this decision for another opportunity. The excuse you have is that it is a subject of high importance and you need, therefore, more time to deal properly with it.

After all, YOU always have so many duties!

Yesterday for example, YOU couldn’t take care of this subject because you were finishing Christmas shopping and making preparations for the parties with your family and relatives.

Today, it is not possible, because YOU were leaving with your family for beach vacation.

Tomorrow, it won’t be possible because YOU will be dealing with your child’s school registration, trying to solve a debt problem or paying somebody you owe some money (or someone who owes you).

In this manner, YOU will never make the time and that small spark, burning inside you, will extinguish once and for all. After this, when YOU meet me again, YOU will not wish to talk to me, nor ask me something, because that emptiness that YOU felt inside, YOU will not feel it anymore. However, how easy everything would be if YOU just took away false concepts that dominate and slave your mind. YOU would see that every time is the right time and any place is the right place to deal with this type of subject. It would take little effort from you, only a sincere wish to walk in the road that takes YOU to the LIGHT. Therefore, YOU would comprehend the reason of your existence on EARTH. YOU would not let that small spark that still burns inside you, extinguish. YOU would try to fulfill that emptiness in your life with that which your spirit needs to a spiritual progress.

Thus, to YOU, my fellow, whom I like very much, I aim these friendly words: “Listen to your inner voice; don’t suffocate your wish to rise spiritually; don’t try to stop your spontaneous feelings when facing strong yearnings in your heart, the missing feeling for the Cross of Truth, because these strong feelings can show you the way that will lead you to salvation.”

And remember, YOU have a friend in me, ready to help, if YOU just wish for it.