…it is a wonderful world!

by Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra

Life is really wonderful. However, it is a shame that humanity has moved away from the true meaning of life.

People have lost touch with the abundance they had been granted by the kindness of the Light. While humanity lived according to the wisdom within the Laws of Creation, human beings never let anything go to waste. There were always people with love in their hearts who cared for one another and looked after every living thing around them. Since there was no exploitation or selfishness, they were able to reach out and grasp nature's cornucopia. Blessings and happiness were noticed in all the activities they undertook… Unfortunately, as they became more and more and greedy and lustful for power, more and more people began to choose the road that did not lead to life but to paths which lead to destruction and death. In their arrogance and haughtiness, Pharaohs continued acting as if all humankind were alive just to serve them in their great projects.

The history of Man has clearly witnessed that, whenever a human being seeks out power just because of this power, he or she immediately starts to behave in a destructive way. The first visible signs are the destruction of every single natural system – such as neglecting the out-of-control increase in population and pollution, as well as in the hopeless environmental decadence and the unbalanced relationship among human beings who are always in conflict with each other.

For lots of millennia, human life was focused on religion above all. In the times of Atlantis, the people there succeeded in reaching a more advanced level of apprenticeship and became aware of the notion of The Only God, that is, monotheism. However, less advanced cultures venerated many "gods” while the least advanced ones offered sacrifices to calm down the fury of the “demons.” Within this environment, the class of the priests was in a very high position — that of influencing souls.

In old Egypt, in the days of Tutankhamen, there were intense fights between the dominant priest elite and King Chu-en-Aton, who defended the monotheistic worship of the Only God since he cared for the spiritual evolution of humanity. The class of priests that ruled then was very dissatisfied by having their power restricted as they had to witness some of their people addressing their prayers of gratitude to the Almighty and Powerful Creator instead of doing so to the idols the priests themselves had created. Thus, many crimes were perpetrated until the day when their power fell into unscrupulous and submissive hands.

The class of priests has been widely influencing people's life paths and routines for a long time. This has become a fact and has been gaining new grounds since human beings have shown the lust for power. In this way, a new class of leaders has imperceptibly managed to exert great influence over human destiny.

Today, we face a globalize world, which “has eliminated concepts of a nation as a whole; concept of race, of ethics, and of people…” – (Empire, Antonio Negri - Italian Philosopher) and we have money and power as priority advisers when it is time for human decisions to be made. This is a world that has been named by many as crazy due to the great lack of sense that it bears. It is a world inhabited by ”predators” who, regardless of whether something is true or not, do not think twice before getting rid of those whom they might think are stepping in their way in order to get something they are also interested in! That is how hate and discontent have found room among the people.

So far, what has actually prevailed are the goals of the ”elite” that has reached powerful stances moved by their materialistic logic, which demands a selfish behavior pattern if they wish to keep the position they conquered. Thus, they weaken the existing competition and prevent others from rising to the same position they are in. This represents nothing but the pleasure of conquering and dominating in order to simply exercise power. Furthermore, one must not forget that poverty has also spread throughout the Globe, and ignorance and hatred have come along with it.

However, through spiritualistic logic, we would have reached a standard of living in the Planet ten times higher than that of today. But, for such an achievement to have been reached, we should have listened to our inner voice - our intuition, which is the voice of the human spirit. Then, we would have attained real knowledge and harmony among the peoples. Spiritual knowledge rebinds human beings to the Divine Love from where they walked off when they chained themselves to the cunning of reason produced in the workshop of the brain, which forges a rough kind of life that has no meaning.

Presently, to the misfortune on humankind, the world is marching on to a place in time in which rupture is about to settle in because the mortar of the spiritual knowledge that is capable of uniting the peoples of the world has been placed aside. Materialism continues to lead human beings into permanent conflict as the struggle for the preservation and expansion of their power does not allow mutual trust since fear and greed simultaneously intervene.

Therefore, human beings have cast themselves away from the paths that were reserved for them to walk on. They have slowly contaminated this wonderful Land and turned it into something insane. This is the same world that had been offered to them so that, by mastering the secrets of nature and contributing to its building, humanity would have sought the continuous refinement and embellishment of everything they touched.