Human civilization on earth

by Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra

The approach of the New Year always brings us an excellent opportunity to ponder upon life and its meaning. What lies behind the 2003 years mentioned in our calendar? What actually happened before that? How many millennia have already gone by without having been registered by History, as we know it? Was there a beginning? How, when, and why? Maybe only an enlightened human being would be able to earnestly ask such questions.

In The Grail Message (Volume 2, Lecture “Life”), Abdruschin explains that everything began thanks to Divine Love. This Love allowed and continues to allow Man’s spiritual sparks to acquire individuality and self-consciousness. That same Love granted the human beings the indispensable homeland down in the World of Matter: The Planet Earth.

“It was not till God, in His Volition, sent forth the great words: ‘Let there be Light!’ that the rays shot out over the limit hitherto set them into the Universe, then in utter darkness, carrying movement and warmth! This was the beginning of Creation, which gave birth to the human spirit and could become his home!”

Millions of years passed before the “vessel” or body of the human spirit was really ready to act in the World of Matter, so that, after several different incarnations, the human being could reach maturity. Then, as a developed and spiritualized individual, who had reached self-consciousness, the human being would be able to return to his spiritual homeland, Paradise, the Plane of eternal and joyful activities.

The evolutionary process should have led the human spirit to the recognition of the Lord Almighty of All Worlds and His Perfect and Immutable Laws. In this recognition, humanity could have proceeded on its journey with an awakened and active spirit. However, human beings have chained themselves through their materialism to the World of Matter, which has held them down, preventing them from ascending. Spiritual indolence has spread throughout the Planet – and, therefore, instead of evolving, the human beings have let themselves develop abnormally.

A long time ago, the Jewish people were subjected to intense cruelties in Egypt and because of this, their ability to understand spiritual matters developed better when compared to other peoples. Thus, they evolved and also became able to sense the Almighty Lord of All Worlds. Furthermore, they acquired the ability to open themselves and become aware of a Higher Knowledge.

That was why the Messiah had to be born among the Jews - so that, through those same Jews, He would pass on the Knowledge of Creation to humanity. And Jesus was born exactly the way that was described in the old scriptures. However, by the time He was born, humanity had fallen so deeply that it was as if a wall had been built that blocked and prevented the clear Teaching of the Light from crossing over.

Jesus used to talk about life in all its spiritual fullness, but people only grasped the sense of His words from the limits of their restricted and materialistic point of view. This state of affairs prevented them from passing on to others the great meaning of life, which was clearly and fully stated in theTeachings of Jesus. Thus, Christianity emerged, but it was far from being in harmony with the original Message from Jesus. Later on, Rome raised its “flag” upon Christianity and carried it out all over the conquered provinces in the form of a domineering religion.

For centuries, the way of life created by the Romans prevailed. But, since it made no sense and had no base in the Laws of Creation, trouble soon emerged. Religious conflicts began to take place, either through the Protestant Reformation, or even by a growing lack of involvement in religious acts as a whole. This lack of interest in religion was promoted by the appearance of a new form of science and technology which contributed to the growth of wealth through generating economic booms.

The economic activity became more and more intense due to Man’s desire for control, which was associated with money and power. At that point, a new way of life was in fashion since religion had become progressively forgotten. For high society, the ecstasy of having power sufficed. For the masses, the frantic consumption of material things was intoxicating enough to do the trick.

As human beings turned into active consumers, they soon became influenced by this type of behavior in their minds. People gradually started to eliminate their views of a higher purpose of life and replaced them with more materialistic values. Humanity started to let their intellect lead them to a new concept: The end justifies the means. Anything goes when it comes to reaching egocentric satisfaction.

Human beings were given everything by the Creator as if they were “first class travelers” on Earth. But, due to their spiritual indolence, they began to tumble and bring only despair and suffering upon themselves, thus creating the second and third classes - the coach class. As a consequence, life has become very harsh and, nowadays, millions travel on stinking and overcrowded means of transportation.

Furthermore, at present, everything has started to sway dangerously. The pillars, which have supported human civilization, have begun to sway. And as a consequence of this instability, which can be observed everywhere the concept of a planetary civilization is emerging. It would probably be better called - Human Civilization upon the Planet Earth. But something worthy of the name of human civilization will only come about after the absolute recognition of the Creator and His Laws in Creation, laws which are uniform, immutable, and active on all creatures, takes place.

So far, human beings with their arrogance and megalomania, have constantly acted in a manner that disturbs the order. To establish a new human civilization on this planet, we need to embrace the concepts of true humanism based on spiritual values that take the whole Cosmos into consideration. For, the human being is a part of this Cosmos, and he should, at last, play his part as a beneficiary factor and helper in the building of a better world. This will certainly be his token of gratitude for receiving the gift of life.