Great Pyramid of Egypt Archaeological Discovery

…reveals hidden astronomic calendar and special points of interest on Earth

Aikao Virtaa

A Pyramid inch is a unit of measurement claimed initially to be the basic standard that has been used since ancient times. The astronomer Sir John Greaves of Oxford, after making measurements and studies in Egypt in 1638, indicated that a Pyramid inch approaches to the measurement of the current English inch.

Nearly a century later, additional measures developed by French researchers during Napoleon's expedition to Egypt were studied by John Taylor (1781-1864). Taylor claimed that the measure used by the ancient builders was a unit larger by about 1/1,000 from the British inch. Taylor considered a 'Pyramid inch' as 1/25 of the 'sacred cubit' whose existence had been postulated earlier by Isaac Newton. His main argument was that the total length of the four sides of the Pyramid would be 100 times the number of days in a year. Astronomer of the Kingdom of Scotland Sir Charles P. Smith (1819-1900) entered the group of scholars and also found numerous similarities between the Pyramid measures and geometry. These researchers concluded that the British system of measures was derived from a standard far more ancient.

Newton had an obsession of establishing the value of the "cubit" of the Egyptians. This was no mere curiosity. His Theory of Gravitation was dependent on an accurate knowledge of the circumference of the earth. The only figures he currently had were the inaccurate calculations of Eratosthenes and his followers. With these figures his theory did not work out. He used the measurements of the base of the Pyramid arrived by Greaves in his calculations. Since there was much accumulated debris at the base of the Pyramid, the figures were inaccurate. Thus the false measurements of the base failed to give Newton the answer he was looking for.

However, all these scientists and researchers were far from the truth. A standard measure which could be adequately “sacred” to be applied to the stellar dimensions, as well as to microscopic dimensions, applicable up to the universe and also down to the earth’s proportions has never been found in the Pyramid so far. The length of the legendary 'Golden Standard' is the real key that gives us access to a set of standards which unveils the secret of the Great Pyramid. The “sacred set” produced by its sub-multiples is depicted here. It reveals ancient geometric messages, including a seamless calendar starting at 4500 B.C. As Jean François Champollion discovered in 1822, after patiently deciphering the Egyptian hieroglyphs from the Rosetta stone, Aikao Virtaa resolved the puzzle after thousands of possible mathematical combinations.

Golden Standards mm Inches
Gold Standard 618.03398870 24.332046800
Gold Cubit 309.01699435 12.16602340
Gold Palm 154.50849718 6.08301170
Gold Inch 22.07264245 0.86900167
Gold Half Inch 11.03632123 0.43450080


Once obtained the five golden standards, by analogy with Phyllotaxis studies, as well as the proportions in the human body, the cubit, palm, inch and half inch was obtained as shown in the above schedule. Therefore the puzzle could be mounted after trying piece by piece, until a calendar appeared matching dates of confirmed existing events, including bearing angles and distances of places, some of which was only very recently confirmed by worldwide recon of archaeological discoveries as well as recent precise historical registry.


Inside and outside Pyramid’s proportions fits to the results obtained by the scientists and researchers, Douady S. and Coude Y., obtained in the French Laboratory and Statistical Physics of Paris giving ground to the basics of the pursued answer. They found something revealing in the so called ‘inanimate objects‘.

In 1991 a new discovery identified spontaneous self-organization, a not-rational organization, in inanimate objects floating in free suspension. Such experiments, assembled in the laboratory, showed results that were also confirmed by statistical simulations. This spontaneous ordering that arises in the experiment is free from any mechanical influence caused by the equipment that was assembled for that purpose. This device is a system that can be adjusted to avoid any mechanically periodic organization or rational effect of the moving parts.

Without any influence, the objects are adrift, but then are taken to form a uniform, but not rational, performance which is evidence that unknown forces, invisible and undetectable, are acting on the inanimate parts tested. This force exists and crosses all boundaries we can investigate as being animate or inanimate bodies. Thus a pattern was found left by an unknown radiation that passes through everything that is present on Earth and in the Universe. All galaxies in the universe as all small sea shells present the same organization. This distribution pattern appears also in this field known as Phyllotaxis.


Using Pyramid’s measures taken by William Flinders Petrie last century, everyone can verify the accuracy of all calculus made. I also used rectangles triangles taken from inside and outside the Pyramid forms and dimensions to get bearing angles and distances to plot points of peculiar interest over the Earth surface. Historical and archeological evidence confirms events already occurred on Earth in the past and are registered in that monument for many thousands of years. Remote past findings are irrefutable material evidence granting veracity on the information contained in the Pyramid. Also a glimpse about what is going to happen in the near future is written there, but no one knows if the final result will be positive or negative, because human free will drives, individually and collectively, the results of future happenings.


The full seamless Pyramid calendar appears in the diagram above, when we use corridors distances to decode time flow after applying the golden codes and sub codes as divisors. It shows a time sequence from the original date when that construction has been finished, marked at the entrance, going up to its end 6500 years later.

The Gregorian calendar in use today has a count error. At book’s chapter 10 – Differences Between two Calendars, shows is an extensive demonstration why its count is in error. When World Wars I and II appears in the Pyramid’s speaking stones a perfect synchronism is overall established granting to the Pyramid’s calendar a perfect match.


In chapter 12 – The Great Wars – it is described all historical details and dates of this period when about 100 millions of lives where ripped out from Earth. In continuance the King’s chamber counts the rest of the days until 2012, when future events are symbolically shown inside the coffin. The coffin time covers around two decades into the future. The very year of 2012, the end of the 6500 years period does not mean that there will be nothing after that date, just opposite; the clock will appear to speed up faster as many occurrences will roll out in an exponential velocity. The result is unknown but the direction is for sure pointing to a new era of opportunities for human kind to grow 100%, now in the right direction.


V1 and V2 heights above give us dates related to the actions taken in the past by known personages which lived on Earth. As an example the Troy Princess appears during the Trojan War acting when she had just around 14 years old and this is registered in the Queens chamber’s measures and angles. The life of Jesus actions started when he had around 12 years old teaching to the doctors in the Synagogue. The Pyramid height and north side triangle establishes Jesus point of presence on Earth acting 2000 years ago and measures gives the bearing and distance from Pyramid apex to determine the place on the face of the planet where he was born. All this can be easily checked with Google-earth facility. Vertical measures V1A and V1B (The King´s chamber height and V2 the Queen´s chamber height. V1 is the sum of V1A (part one) + V1B (part two). See references at the end.


The distance from the Pyramid apex to the city of Troy, where Princess Cassandra acted, is registered in the Queen's Chamber measures. The hypotenuse of the triangle used to calculate the steering angle pointing to Troy and the B side of the Queen’s chamber, as indicated in reference # 7 of the book, results in 13167.949 mm (H + B = 7390.21 + 5777.738 = 13167.949). This number divided by 11.0363 mm results in 1193 km. Using Google-Earth we obtain the actual distance of 1192 km.

The distance from the Pyramid’s apex to the city of Bethlehem, where Jesus Christ was born, is also registered in the Pyramid measures. Using the rectangle triangle made by the height of the Pyramid (5776 inches) and half of its north side (9068.8 / 2 = 4534.4 inches) we can calculate its hypotenuse which is 7343.225 inches. Adding the total length of those sides (Hypotenuse and half of the north side length) we get (4534.4 + 7343.225 = 11877.625 inches). The angle formed by those sides, as per Flinders Petrie is 51.5 degrees i.e. the bearing indication to Bethlehem and the distance is obtained dividing this length by the gold standard, which is 24.33205 inches. The result obtained is (11877.625 / 2433205 = 488.15 km) i.e. the crow flight from Pyramid up to Bethlehem city is then determined. The Google World indicates 492 km, showing a relatively small difference of around 0.07%.

The Pyramid calendar also indicates a world renowned event, the Exodus of the Jewish people. Moses, helping his endangered people engaged and successfully fulfilled his mission to liberate the Israelites from Egyptian slavery, guiding them up to the final and secure destination. A people newly identified through archaeological findings, people known as Hyksos, were originally a Hebrew people. At that early time these Hebrews, after suffering in captivity, prayed for mercy until helped in an unimaginable way. Modern scientific research and archaeological findings provide evidence of how it was possible to release these People from the claws of Egyptians up to a secure crossing thought red sea. It is conspicuously marked in the stones the date of such event. In the next pages we will see evidences that Hyksos where in reality the ancient free Jews of Jacob patriarch times.

The Hyksos and the Exodus date is recorded on the right side wall of the Grand gallery. Shortly after the beginning of the Great Gallery corridor there are signs made by junctions of stones which draw the attention of the viewer. It reveals an important date obtained by the length of its position from the beginning of the Grand Gallery. This length indicates a time elapsed period after the initial gallery date which is referred to as 2014 B.C. The date 1500 B.C. has been recently accepted by many archaeological researchers as being the right time of the biblical Exodus of the Jews.

This particular stone mark exists at a distance of 223.7 inches from the beginning of the Grand Gallery, which corresponds to 5,669 millimeters on the metric scale. Dividing by 5,669.28 mm by 11.0363 mm, which is the Golden Half-Inch standard, we obtain 513.7 years. Deducting 514 from 2014 BC, we get the year 1500 B.C., the time of the Egyptian pharaoh Ahmose, the actual pharaoh who entered in conflict with Moses. He was followed by his son Ahmes who, after releasing the Hyksos - in fact the Jews in captivity – came out in their pursuit a short time later. This occurred in 1500 BC, and not around 1200 BC, as believed by old scholars.

Currently, due to recent discoveries and archaeological evidence, it was recognized that the correct date of the Exodus is indeed about 300 years earlier than previously thought. However, the Pyramid ancient builders had full knowledge of the correct time, because there is ways to anticipate the possible date set in the future, which in this case has actually occurred as anticipated, so its outcome was largely positive.

Professor Manfred Bietak from Austrian Archaeological Institute, found nine local royal seals of high-ranking Egyptian government belonging to the highest representative of the Pharaoh in the capital city Auaris. In such seals - in excellent condition – appears the name of the powerful ruler of the city and its high representative, named Jacob. This Jacob, a Jew of course, could only have received such a high position from the Egyptian kingdom if they actually had warmth and respect between the two peoples.

A documentary film lasting 90 minutes, aired in 2006 by the History Channel, brought this new historical and archaeological information to the public. With the script by filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici and produced by James Cameron, the film presents several events in the occurrence of the exodus and the crossing of the Jews to the Promised Land led by Moses. Jacobovici shows, with archaeological and scientific evidence that such an event actually occurred around 1500 BC, during the reign of the eighteenth dynasty Pharaoh, whose mummy is currently in good conditions in the Cairo Museum. The Pyramid calendar confirmation is not a coincidence.

A final question arises when analyzing the most important place in the Pyramid, the King’s spacious room which bears an empty coffin. Why all information revealed by its internal high and its bearing whereabouts, after flaying the distance marked bearing at 26.79 degrees?, This room is also known as the Final Judgment room, and has all data which points to an almost unknown Germany city called Bischofswerda. Who was born there and why this is so important to be the most conspicuous mark for the humanity of today take a serious heed?


This is an answer that readers must seek for themselves until finding the right answer.


Minor differences around one year cannot invalidate the amazing accuracy of the whole picture presented by the Great Pyramid calendar. It is necessary to consider the past 6500 years wearing including numerous earthquakes which have changed minimally some of its measures and forms. One year change can be represented by just 11 millimeters deviation. Measures shown below was obtained by W.F. Petrie here.

Pyramid external angle

On the whole, we probably cannot do better than take 51º 52’ ± 2’ as the nearest approximation to the mean angle of the Pyramid.

Time span of Great Gallery

Grand Gallery Ramp 1,815.5 inches = 46,113.7 mm less hypotenuse 1,807.709 mm equals 4,305.99 i.e. (46113.7 - 443305.99 / 11.04 = 4014.5 years. See adjustment from to get central ramp measure.


The ramps along the sides, where they join this great step, are very irregular. Their top surfaces slope away down yards toward the side walls; thus the E. ramp top varies from 13.20 to 12.18 below he step from E. to W., and the W. ramp top from 12.82 to 12.2 (?) from W. to E. At present, moreover, the ends of the ramps are parted away from the face of the step by .30 on E. and .44 on W., an amount which has been duly subtracted from my length measures of the gallery.

Beside this, the top of the step itself, though straight, is far from level, the W. side being about 1.0 higher than the E. side. And the sloping floor seems to be also out of level by an equal amount in the opposite direction; since on the half width of the step (i.e., between the ramps) the height of the step face is 34.92 or 35.0 on E., and 35.80 or 35.85 on W. The length of the step from to S. is on E. side 61.0, and on W. 61.5. All these measurements are very carefully taken with elimination of wear, fractures, and shifting of the stones at the joints.

Note for the King’s room

The distance from the Pyramid apex to the city where Abdruschin was born in 1875 is also registered in the King’s chamber. The measures taken by Petrie for the perimeter totals 1236.26 inches (N 412.4, E 206.29, S 411.88, W 205.76 = 1236.26 inches) which corresponds to 31401.5 mm. We must deduct the corridor’s entrance width (see reference #9 D = 1060 mm) because this is not a part of the triangle which indicated the 26.7 degree direction. Therefore 31401.5 mm – 1060 mm = 30341.5 mm, which divided by 11.0363 mm results in 2749 km showing a difference of just 0.5%.