Leadership and Power

In true service, he becomes and joyfully acts as a servant, not only of the cause but also a real servant of every person who crosses his path in some relevance to the fulfillment of his duties. Serving the needs of each one, he will intuitively sense the slightest stirring or longing within each one to make some worthy contribution to the cause. Selflessly, he supports and helps each one to the realization of his longing.

In giving of himself, he will expect nothing in return, save only the joy of experiencing the joys permitted through him to others. In truly serving, in truly striving to be only a servant, he will find fulfillment and joy.

A leader who ever needs “to pull rank” is already a failure! Indeed, a true leader has no sensing of any power of his own. He becomes only a medium through whom Holy Power – that which belongs only to the Eternal Source of All – flows in varying measures to all who need it. In humility and joyful gratitude he gradually matures towards becoming an acknowledged servant in all Eternity.

© 1990 Adeyemi Olusola Lawson