Sowing Happiness

by Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra

Everybody knows that happiness is good for the health of the body and of the mind. Why do so many people prefer to be unhappy? Why do the media always transmit a negative and worrying ambience? Why does the principal entertainment industry, the one that produces films, keeps its focus and priority on scandals and deaths, producing a depressing atmosphere? Notice that after these films full of unpleasant scenes, the public doesn’t wait for the lights to be turned off before they start to leave the theatre. However, in a pleasant movie people stay calm in their seats as if they don’t want to leave; it is as if they would like to watch a little bit more and absorb of that light atmosphere which makes one feel happy. Sometimes people clap at the end of such movies.

As women have begun to commit violent crimes, what should we expect from men? Women have always been the stimulus to nobility, goodness and generosity. However modern life has been dragging women to behave like men, i.e., the struggle for life is causing women to look for equality with men, for in the past women were discriminated against and under-appreciated. Then they joined the competition for recognition and reward, and in this field there isn’t room for kindness, which should be inherent in a woman’s heart. Setting aside her female essence, woman submits herself to the intellectual occupations that are by their nature cold and insensitive.

Man has always been “more brain” and woman “more heart”, leading man to act with humanity. Nonetheless, if the heart also gives way to the brain the result will be a hard world without heart, with many scandals occurring at the same time. People are very tired of so many disgraces, but the truth is that human beings themselves created this situation with their way of life, which has become totally dissociated from the Laws of Creation.

Happy people always see first the positive side of the happenings, extracting the best teachings that life can offer. These people are not afraid to compliment good work of others, because they can always recognize what is beautiful, what is good. However unhappy people look for the negative things, letting themselves be affected by distrust and do not hesitate to criticize destructively everything and everybody, even before evaluating the actual meaning of the attitudes of their neighbor.

But in order to sow happiness it is absolutely necessary to keep our thoughts pure. Since the thought is located in a zone invisible to the human eyes, many people suppose that they can think whatever they want without consequence. But they are making a mistake, for thoughts could be beneficial or harmful, bringing joy or creating an unpleasant atmosphere. You should not keep your mind in the past, thinking over and over about bad happenings. We must go forward seeking happiness.

As a new day starts you wake up joyful for this new miracle; that is gratitude. You sit at the table and feel a special happiness by seeing the food that is going to take the nutrients to your body. Thus, happiness is a form of gratitude for everything we have received, and people with this happiness improve their environment, just as the beauty of a flower attracts our joyful gaze.

“Gratitude is closely linked to joy! Gratitude itself is an expression of purest joy.”

(In The Light of Truth, the Grail Message , by Abdruschin, vol. III)

We are living in a time of fast transformations, which generate insecurity, fear and a lot of bad mood, all these things take away real happiness. Rulers are aware of their impotence. Assets and currency devaluate. Jobs evaporate either through relocation of the enterprises, cutting down of expenses or the closing down of branches with low profit. Everything is in a state of flux.

At present, the process of change does not carry the prospects of immediate improvement, and people have the exact presentment of it, falling into depression. But this process is accelerating and there is no turning back and there is no escape, because the changes are the consequences of human actions impelled by the Laws of Creation to their final conclusions, and everything that was artificially built and which do not accord with the Laws of Creation will now have to be dissolved.There is no use rejecting the changes, opposing or resisting them. We have to go on, happily, to the encounter of the future, seeking the right adaptation to the new age that is coming, bringing new life which should be, and will be, much better.