How Different, Things Could Have Been…

By Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra

On account of so many tendentious interpretations, alterations and distortions made with reference to Jesus, He has become an unrecognizable individual to the great majority of the human beings of the 21st century. Twenty-one centuries… and today, nothing but fragments of His original Teachings and Their purpose is left. How would things have been if the human beings of that time had welcomed His actual Teachings in their hearts, if they had preserved Them as the most valuable treasure there was, conveying Them wholly for future generations as the only way of life?

The Romans, for instance could have made an attempt to establish a new and peaceful way of life with other nations. No parting would have occurred in the spiritual wisdom of the Jewish people -- they would have remained as one culture and would have embraced the new Teachings. An isolated and independent Christianity would not probably have sprung up. Constantine would have taken over the Roman Empire more favorable circumstances due to the greater maturity of the people and would not have found it necessary to establish an official religion. Greeks, Romans and Jews gradually would have started to realize what life was really about, and their view would have gotten progressively broader and they would have acquired new knowledge of the phenomena in Creation based on spiritual facts.

Realizing that the Arabs had not moved forward in the spiritual sense as much as other peoples, Mohamed, with his sense of leadership, for sure would have absorbed that new spiritual knowledge to teach his people. Therefore, the different peoples would have learned to cohabit peacefully side by side.

The Inquisition, the Crusades, and religious wars, certainly would have never occurred because, each nation would have had their necessary spiritual view of life. Natives from the recently discovered lands of the New World and Africa would not have been forced to accept the settlers’ belief either. Moreover, conversions by force would not have taken place.

With all humankind's "erudition" and self-conceit, the human being represents nothing but a particle of dust compared to the extraordinary cosmic system. We do not own the Planet Earth; we are merely temporary guests whose obligation is to benefit from the lodging to develop while avoiding disastrous and destructive activities of the Planet’s natural habitat.

Already back then, the human beings had degenerated too much. They were not prepared as they should have been in order to recognize the Teachings. They desired mostly what was material, that is, only what brought about a comfortable and tranquil life, lacking complete yearning for more uplifting aspirations. As a result, they were strongly inclined to misconstrue the real and deeper meaning of the Words they had heard, and this fact restricted their interest to nothing but the more mundane and unimportant issues.

If, however, the adequate preparation of their souls or search for the Light had actually taken place, everything would have been very different. If societies had developed on the basis of the correct ethical foundation, they would not have brought such a cruel and inhuman world into existence, like poverty for instance, violence and so many other ugly effects produced and spread worldwide.

The main goal was for the human beings to become sufficiently active and strong in spirit, and thus free. Then, it would not take too long before people understood whatever interventions between the Creator and His creatures to be unnecessary.

With the power of true spiritual knowledge and living in accordance with the Laws of Creation, we would certainly have come to the 21st century with a much better balanced demographic statistics, with a preserved environment, and with people very educated and very spiritualized. The government would not have interfered much at all because the quite common chaotic disorder that dominates all mega cities and the economic and political systems as well would simply not exist. Paradise on Earth would be just about a reality. The planet would be like a great university where elusive topics would simply not be. In turn, every piece of knowledge would be genuine, as it would have practical value and go beyond materiality; every piece of knowledge would be geared towards the benefit of everybody. That is how things would have been.